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Re: Microsoft bribes the media

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Friday 18 Jun 2010 05:09 : \____

> nessuno wrote:
>> <Quote>
>> âYes, Microsoft basically bribed the press....
>> âWhen I was a newspaper journalist working for a business
>> publication, PR houses would send us free stuff all day, every day.
>> The ethical line was a frequent consideration and lots (I mean LOTS)
>> of gifts were returned to sender.
>> âI do not expect anyone in the gaming press will be refusing their
>> free consoles â Even though virtually everyone already has an older
>> 360 model.
>> âWhile there is a valid ethical response to accepting the thing â
>> hardware reviews are a vital keystone in the gaming press â the way
>> Microsoft went about their gifting today smacks of bribery and toe-
>> sucking.â
>> </Quote>
>> http://weblogs.jomc.unc.edu/talkingbiznews/?p=16348
> Yes, there seems to be a lot of underhanded things going on that are
> less than scrupulous.  Thanks for expressing this little bit of truth.
> The convicted monopoly maintenance continues.

Unscrupulous Microsoft never changed its ways/

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