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Re: Office 2010 is in the stores. Yawn.

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____/ nessuno on Thursday 17 Jun 2010 16:53 : \____

> <Quote>
> Tell me, before I put my credit card number down, exactly what is in
> Office 2010 that's so great about it that I should buy it if I already
> have a copy of Office 2007 and it's working just fine. Or, in my case,
> the open-source OpenOffice.
> Let's get real. There has not been a significant upgrade in office
> suite functionality, from anyone, since, oh, Office 97. Unless, of
> course, you count the Office Ribbon that came in Office 2007 â and I
> don't: I find it annoying and not one bit helpful. I've read the
> Office 2010 reviews, and I've used it myself on both my Windows XP and
> 7 desktops, and I don't see a single new feature or improvement that
> made me want to spend money on it. Frankly, I don't think that there's
> enough 'there' there to justify spending money on any office suite
> these days. There just isn't that much in the way of functional
> differences between any of the office suites.
> Let's say someone does want a new version of Office. In that case, may
> I suggest, no matter how cheaply you can get a copy of Office 2010,
> that you download a copy of OpenOffice 3.2.1 first. The most common
> bottom price for Office 2010 that I've seen is $129.99 for the Home
> and Student editions. OpenOffice's cost? Zero....
> As my buddy and fellow blogger Preston Gralla put it, "Unless
> Microsoft powers up Office on the Web, five years from now, Google
> Apps may make significant inroads in the enterprise." I don't think it
> will take that long, especially since I can't see Microsoft making
> Office Web Apps a real competitor with Microsoft Office....
> If you've made the mistake of tying your company to an eternity of
> paying fees to Microsoft for SharePoint and other server-based office
> add-ons, then you're stuck with them. But even in this case, is there
> really a compelling business reason to "update" from Office 2007 to
> Office 2010? If there is, I sure haven't seen it.
> </Quote>
> http://blogs.computerworld.com/16334/office_2010_is_in_the_stores_yawn

At the beginning, SJVN speaks about the advertisers in suits ("analysts"), which
is quite revealing.

Office revenue/income was down in the last quarter. That's not good.

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