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[News] EU Government Success Stories With Free Software, Odd Case in Norway

  • Subject: [News] EU Government Success Stories With Free Software, Odd Case in Norway
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2010 14:18:33 +0100
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'Over seventy cases studies on OSOR just the beginning' 

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Union's Open Source Observatory 
| and Repository (OSOR.eu) has so far 
| published 72 case studies. It's most recent 
| one, on the OSOR itself, was published last 
| week.
| The case study, "OSOR: The more they know 
| the more they share, Introducing Open Source 
| Software communities to Europe's public 
| sector', concludes the first phase of the 
| project but the European Commission is about 
| to organise OSOR's continuation. 


Norwegian Free Software Center Opposes Government Pro-FOSS Policy

,----[ Quote ]
| I may be missing something, but it looks to 
| me as though the Norwegian Free Software 
| Center is not only abandoning its mandate, 
| but working against it. There is no evidence 
| to justify crying conspiracy, and no doubt 
| Gundersen and Austlid are sincere, yet you 
| have to wonder how they could argue against 
| the very cause they are supposed to promote.
| However, that is not the reason that I have 
| spent time discussing their argument. With 
| all respect, Norway is a single small 
| country, and, living halfway around the 
| world from it, I am unlikely to be affected 
| much by what happens there.
| All the same, Gundersen and Austlid's 
| arguments are worth examining for their own 
| sake. One day, those of us outside Norway 
| may be lucky enough to hear our own federal, 
| provincial or city governments propose pro-
| free software policies. If we do, then we 
| will undoubtedly hear similar arguments 
| against the policies, and need to start 
| thinking about how to debunk them.
| Unless I am mistaken, though, the only 
| difference will be that the counter 
| arguments that we hear will most likely come 
| from the critics and enemies of free 
| software -- not those who are supposed to 
| support it. 



Vancouver councillor proposes open IT standards

,----[ Quote ]
| Vancouver's city hall recently passed a motion encouraging the selection of
| open data, standards and source code in future information technology (IT)
| procurement.

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