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[News] Nokia's MeeGo Probably Comes to Phones

  • Subject: [News] Nokia's MeeGo Probably Comes to Phones
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 20:17:23 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Nokia N9 MeeGo slider leaks in early video tease?

,----[ Quote ]
| Let's just put this out there: the image 
| above was grabbed from a video that could be 
| an early, leaked teaser for the N9, Nokia's 
| first handset to run the MeeGo OS. Could be. 


MeeGo Community Metrics for May



A Review Of MeeGo v1.0: Is It Good Enough For Your Netbook?

,----[ Quote ]
| When I first set out to try MeeGo, I had
| hoped to boot up the live USB image on my
| netbook. What I soon discovered, however, is
| that it would not work. My netbook (an EeePC
| 1201n) has an Nvidia Ion graphics chipset,
| which is not supported by MeeGo (along with
| ATI and Intel GMA 500 chipsets). I further
| found that my other netbook (EeePC 900) was
| also not supported because it was a pre-Atom
| model, and MeeGo only supports Intel Atom
| processors.
| [...]
| MeeGo seems like a pretty decent operating
| system. On the surface, however, it does not
| seem very different from Moblin, which would
| make it appear to be a one-sided Intel
| affair. Underneath, however, Nokia has
| integrated it with the QT widget set and
| underlying Linux kernel development merged
| from Maemo. All of this makes MeeGo very
| fast, which I was not able to accurately
| test in Qemu.
| Overall, it seems good, but it will need
| some screen size improvement to work well on
| netbooks. For tablets, the large tabs at the
| top will work nicely. Assuming Intel and
| Nokia plan to support a larger number of
| devices than they currently do, MeeGo will
| be a nice addition.


Make mine a Maemo

,----[ Quote ]
| NOKIA has taken a big step forward with the
| N900 slider smartphone which ditches the
| stolid Symbian operating system (OS) for the
| more pleasing looks of Maemo 5, a Linux-based
| OS. Having tested the N900 for two weeks, I
| can cheerfully report that it is definitely a
| step in the right direction.

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