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Re: Time to say, Adios, for now

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Wednesday 23 Jun 2010 02:32 : \____

> It is time for me to say adios to COLA.  It has not been because of the
> trolls, but because of change in the advocates.  I don't know what
> happened, but I feel the same way as Roy Culley, in his exit message.
> There was a time when advocates would E-mail each other, reply to each
> other privately, share concerns with each other, develop strategies to
> end trolling, do LART campaigns, etc.
> Hayday of advocate activity was in 2007.
> Since then, I have seen a slow degrading, a change.  However, that
> change was not with me.
> Regarding Gary Stewart (flatfish's) most recent attack, that was rather
> lame.  Cross posting to rec.motorcycles only netted him laughable scorn,
> people aren't stupid to recognise antics.  It was very obvious who was
> doing the anonymising relays, the nymshifts, etc.  It was a classic
> flatfish trademark.
> Since Linux has gained a greater foothold, even more so recently, all
> Wintroll and Mactroll antics have become laughable strategies.  I've
> never seen such stupidity in logic, in reasoning, in desperateness.
> Linux has progressed enough, that advocacy is becoming less of an issue.
>  Yes, the convicted monopoly still with its dying breath is attempting
> to lock out Linux.  But now that the monopoly has been exposed for its
> treacheries, lawsuits, thin moral ethics, evangelism at other's costs,
> etc., I find it amusing that I don't need "educate" in discussions.  At
> work or at leisure I mention it, and at least one person in discussion
> will mention about how they used to like Microsoft until they heard of
> the court cases.  The company has lost respect in their eyes.  Also,
> there is less an excitement about upgrading.  They are looking at
> alternatives.
> Vista was a disappointment, dampening expectations for Windows 7.  The
> proof is in the pudding, I fixed a friend's Vista laptop that pricewise
> was a bargain with decent specs (at least for XP, 2.2 GHz processor and
> 2 GB RAM), but a real slug with Vista Home, disk grinding on-and-on
> forever.  (I downloaded some "freetard" password clearing utility
> software ISO, burned a CD and cleared their son's password that he had
> forgotten setting himself up as admin, which prevented downloading
> upgrades.  Linux tools are wonderful and professionally written, and
> available at reputable websites.)  The parents do not want to procure a
> Windows 7 product (another purchase).
> And flatfish's claim that I am Erik of colatrolls.blogspot.com, or have
> elevated privileges is a lie (a flatfish trademark).  I don't know who
> Erik is, although I have had my hunches.  But I thank Erik for making
> that blogspot possible, because it has been a truthful record of the
> nastiness of the trolls in COLA.  Also ditto for the advocates that put
> together Chapter 7 on the anti-Linux campaign occurring in COLA.
> Interestingly, nothing has changed, the same trolls troll COLA year in
> and year out, still spouting the same nonsense of a decade ago.  Only
> the nymshifts have changed.  And Linux has survived all that nonsense,
> to be even better than ever.
> Adios! (for now)

The side that lost here is the one that resorted to libel, sabotage, cyber-bulling, etc.

Fortunately, a lot more people in the world are now aware that Microsoft uses such 
tactics and Microsoft's products are therefore avoided.

E-mail and USENET in general are declining in terms of use; USENET is being attacked for 
"terrorism", "piracy" and other lies used by politicians like the Attorney General to 
kill decentralised communication; E-mail has been made too noisy by Windows botnets that 
spew viagra ads and phishing scams; more people move to IM/microblogging as platforms 
for real-time peer correspondence.

Linux advocacy lives on; it partly moves on to other platforms and media that's less 
tolerant of criminal abuse.

Consider the fact that Gary Stewart had his account terminated at Netscape right after 
he started abusing me. He also had about 4 accounts in Digg terminated after he used 
them to abuse me (libel, impersonation, and so on).

USENET declines _as a whole_ (many newsgroups that used to be hyper-active are now dead) 
because large ISPs no longer provide access to it (not even my own ISP). COLA actually 
did *very* well compared to other newsgroups, which means that Linux may be the last 
thing to survive in USENET (Microsoft withdrew from USENET a couple of months ago).

Linux has already won in HPC.

Linux is already winning in servers and in mobile platforms, even/esp. embedded.

My guess is that Google will bring GNU/Linux to many more desktop, but it might take a 
few years. Hosted software becomes a threat.

Consider where Linux was when you started posting in USENET. Look where it is today.

No wonder Microsoft and its TEs have gone *nuts* (or fired).

- -- 
		~~ Best of wishes

"Having to infer what Unix is solely from a copy of the GNU Manifesto
is not really an exercise you want to undertake." -- AdB
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