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[News] Red Hat Interview and Other News Items

  • Subject: [News] Red Hat Interview and Other News Items
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 13:21:25 +0100
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Executive Spotlight: Gunnar Hellekson of Red Hat U.S. Public Sector 

,----[ Quote ]
| Like many other IT professionals, Gunnar 
| Helleksonâs interest in computers was born at 
| an early age, but it was not until college he 
| received formal training in the field. While 
| taking engineering classes, Hellekson put his 
| skills and his entrepreneurial side to use and 
| worked as a systems administrator to make some 
| money. Not long after, he took the step to 
| start up a number of Internet companies, doing 
| business-to-business work and web development, 
| eventually leading to the founding of a 
| consulting company focused on helping small 
| and medium-size arts and nonprofits in New 
| York City. About four or five years ago, he 
| traded the Big Apple for the nationâs capital 
| and ended up working at Red Hat U.S. Public 
| Sector as a chief technology strategist.


Linux as a catalyst for a smarter planet

,----[ Quote ]
| In this morning's Red Hat Summit sessions, 
| Jean Staten Healy and Bob Sutor of IBM 
| presented on the solutions that communities 
| around the world are implementing using 
| Linux as a catalyst for a smarter planet.
| The IT industry exists to solve problems. 
| And you can solve them at a micro level, or 
| you can look problems that are so huge, they 
| affect countries, or the entire world. The 
| range is huge, and complexity varies 
| tremendously. Smarter Planet is about a 
| macro approach. It's meant for those really 
| significant problems and to answer how IT 
| can help solve those problems.


Let's Deep-Six Facebook and Do Open Source Social Networking Instead - Pro: Evan Prodromou

,----[ Quote ]
| In November 2008, Evan Prodromou -- founder of 
| identi.ca and CEO and lead developer of 
| StatusNet -- published a blog post on 
| autonomo.us in which he argued that we need a 
| distributed model for social networking sites.


Irrefutable Proof That GNU/Linux Costs Less on the Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Why does RedHat still provide tools for 
| GNU/Linux on the desktop in individual 
| installations or huge roll-outs? Their 
| customers demand it. If RedHat did not 
| provide the service, then someone else would 
| and might siphon off the lucrative 
| server/services/training businessâ Ah! 
| Thereâs the thing. GNU/Linux on the desktop 
| is not a huge money maker for them but it 
| does work for the customer and RedHat gets 
| money for consultation/setup.



Red Hat Chief Says Demand for Companyâs Software Is Rebounding

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat Inc., the Linux software maker whose
| sales and profit in the latest quarter
| exceeded analystsâ estimates, said demand
| for its products is reviving, especially in
| North America.


Profits remain strong at Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| Results that would make other companies go
| ho-ho-ho have become ho-hum for Linux
| software company Red Hat, which on Tuesday
| posted the latest in a string of strong
| quarterly results.
| The Raleigh-based company, which performed
| well even when the recession was at its
| worst, once again exceeded analysts'
| expectations for both the top line and the
| bottom line - revenue and profits.
| Investors responded positively to the
| results, which were released after the
| markets closed. Red Hat shares rose as much
| as 7percent in after-hours trading.


Red Hat has a jolly Q3

,----[ Quote ]
| Commercial Linux distributor and platform
| wannabe Red Hat ended the year with a peachy
| quarter. For the third quarter of fiscal
| 2010, ended November 30, sales jumped 17.5
| per cent to $194.3m.


Subscriptions Boost Red Hat Revenue

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