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[News] [Rival] Is Microsoft CEO About to Exit Microsoft? Bad Strategy Blamed

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Is Microsoft CEO About to Exit Microsoft? Bad Strategy Blamed
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 15:34:13 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Is Steve Ballmer about to exit Microsoft?

,----[ Quote ]
| So the question that now has to be asked is: 
| Will Steve Ballmer quit as CEO, either 
| leaving Microsoft altogether, or shifting to 
| a different role?


I have lost confidence in Steve Ballmer's leadership

,----[ Quote ]
| This just isn't my week for being right. On 
| Tuesday there was confession: "I was wrong 
| about Apple iPad." Today, I make another: I 
| was wrong about Microsoft's CEO. Yesterday's 
| Windows Embedded Handheld announcement 
| shattered my remaining confidence in Steve 
| Ballmer. About three weeks ago, I asserted: 
| "Steve Ballmer is the right man to turn 
| around Microsoft mobile." If yesterday's 
| announcement is indicative of Microsoft's 
| mobile strategy, then I was wrong. He isn't 
| the right man, and I must now question if he 
| should even continue leading Microsoft.
| Since January, when I posted "Microsoft, 
| don't give up on Steve Ballmer just yet," 
| people have asked by way of Betanews 
| comments, e-mail or Twitter how I can stand 
| by the man, and I have been sharply 
| criticized for the stance. Perhaps I like 
| Ballmer's character too much. He is a rarity 
| among corporate CEOs. Ballmer wears his 
| heart on his sleeve. The man struggles to 
| contain his excitement or to resist speaking 
| his mind, despite years of media coaching. 
| Ballmer is a "tell it like it is" kind of 
| man, and I find the quality appealing. 


Henry Blodget:

Could Microsoft Collapse?

,----[ Quote ]
| Once again, the Chrome/Android momentum has 
| nothing to do with Windows.  Once again, it 
| doesn't benefit Microsoft in any way.
| Now take a look at what Microsoft's biggest 
| Windows customers--Dell, HP, and the other 
| big PC manufacturers--are up to. Dell is in 
| talks with Google to begin developing 
| devices designed to run Chrome (and who can 
| blame it--if it doesn't do this, it will be 
| left behind in the next wave of consumer 
| devices). And HP just bought the wreckage of 
| Palm so that it would have a better mobile 
| operating system with which to compete 
| against Apple.  From Microsoft's 
| perspective, these last two developments are 
| disasters.
| [...]
| In short, the monopoly "platform" 
| characteristics that have protected Windows 
| all these years are completely breaking 
| down.  The PC's relative importance in the 
| world of personal technology is dwindling, 
| and Microsoft has not been able to transfer 
| Windows to other platforms. Google will soon 
| be offering a free alternative for remaining 
| PC-like devices, which, at the very least, 
| will put pressure on Microsoft's margins.
| Add all that together, and there's basically 
| nothing good to say about the future of the 
| Windows platform.


It's possible that Ballmer will be replaced.


Bill Gates doesn't work at Microsoft anymore

,----[ Quote ]
| Besides, as I observed, "Who the heck could
| replace him anyway? I can't think of anyone
| inside MS and they're sure not going to
| look outside." Well, actually, there is one
| place that Microsoft could look, and that
| is to Bill Gate's house. But, he's not
| coming back. Bill Gates has left the
| building.
| This is a good thing for Apple, Google,
| Oracle, and the Linux companies, but for
| Microsoft? Well, I, for one, expect
| Microsoft to continue its slow decline from
| the top of the computer industry.


Rob Glaser: Why Microsoft has (pretty much) stopped innovating

,----[ Quote ]
| He goes on to explain the misfit between
| Microsoft's monopoly PC software business
| and the new world of Internet search,
| social networking and products that
| integrate hardware, software and services.

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