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[News] Government Transparency Encouraged: Australia and UK

  • Subject: [News] Government Transparency Encouraged: Australia and UK
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 19:54:38 +0100
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Gov 2.0 Down Under: Australia and open government


Development of the UK Government Licensing Framework

,----[ Quote ]
| The UK Government is developing the next 
| generation of its licensing framework for 
| public sector information.  Building on the 
| approach tested for data.gov.uk, part of 
| the new framework is a machine-readable 
| licence suitable for making central 
| government Crown copyright as well as 
| information and data from local government 
| and the wider public sector available for 
| re-use more easily.  The key features are 
| that the new licence will be: non-
| transactional, in that re-users do not need 
| to obtain individual permission for re-use; 
| free, in that there is no charge for the 
| licence; and it will promote innovation and 
| openness by allowing the re-use and re-
| purposing of a broad range of public sector 
| information.  In assembling this solution, 
| the Government looked at the Creative 
| Commons and Open Data Commons models, and 
| anticipates a high degree of 
| interoperability between these licences.


Open Economics: Inspiring confidence through transparency 



Becta money goes to free schools project

,----[ Quote ]
| The grant in question was a mechanism of
| Becta, the government agency that was in
| charge of IT in education until it was
| scrapped in May. At the time, the Coalition
| said it would save Â80m by getting rid of
| Becta and cutting back on other Department
| for Education quangos.


Government pushes for open-standard data releases

,----[ Quote ]
| Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude has
| said that public releases of data will use
| open standards when possible.
| Answering a parliamentary written question
| from Labour MP Tom Watson, Maude said the
| government will use open data standards for
| future releases of public data, based on
| the advice of the Public Sector
| Transparency Board. "Where possible we will
| use recognised open standards including
| Linked Data standards," he said.

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