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[News] [Rival] âDell estimated the percentage of commercial PC users who have updated to Microsoftâs Windows 7 as still in single digits.â

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] âDell estimated the percentage of commercial PC users who have updated to Microsoftâs Windows 7 as still in single digits.â
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 20:54:33 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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,----[ Quote ]
| âDell estimated the percentage of 
| commercial PC users who have updated to 
| Microsoftâs Windows 7 as still in single 
| digits.â
| That says it all. The most successful 
| version of that other OS ever, is not being 
| adopted by business who have no need of 
| feature bloat and eye-candy that consumers 
| lap up having few choices in retail.


Utter piece of Vista.

About Expectations and Realities: Windows 7 Better than Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| I've been listening that Microsoft did a 
| good job regarding Windows 7. For crying 
| out loud! I would like to understand what a 
| good job is for the ones who share this 
| idea. After all, Windows Vista was a 
| disaster and anything that replaces it is 
| preferable, but unlikely to be labeled "a 
| good job" because of merely being 
| "different".
| Microsoft defended Vista with every weapon 
| the company had, but the attempt was a 
| doomed enterprise. Users refused abandoning 
| Windows XP to adopt Vista. Not even the 
| Mojave experiment could change their 
| perception about the substitute of Windows 
| Longhorn. The last hope for Vista was the 
| change from 32 bit to 64 bit systems, but 
| that also failed. Nothing worked. The only 
| course left was to say "Hasta la Vista!" to 
| the hated OS and, thus, everyone celebrated 
| the coming of Windows 7 with 
| fireworks...because it had to be better 
| than Vista.
| Yet, if Windows 7 is better than Vista 
| because it is not Vista, then everything is 
| BETTER than Vista. XP is better than Vista. 
| XP SP2 is better than Vista. XP SP3 is ALSO 
| better than Vista. Ultimately, that 
| repulsive Garbage Pail Kids movie IS better 
| than Vista.


Windows fragmentation

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is regularly accused of being too 
| fragmented but Microsoft has its own 
| minefield to navigate.
| One of the regular criticisms levelled 
| against Linux is that with so many versions 
| available the platform is "fragmented". The 
| idea is that because there are so many 
| "distributions" of Linux, users will be 
| confused and unsure of which to pick.
| [...]
| Desktop
|    1. Windows 7 Starter - The edition with 
|    the fewest features;
|    2. Windows 7 Home Basic - A version 
|    available for emerging markets;
|    3. Windows 7 Home Premium - The standard 
|    home user-focused edition of Windows;
|    4. Windows 7 Professional - More 
|    features for enthusiasts and small 
|    business owners;
|    5. Windows 7 Enterprise - Aimed at the 
|    enterprise market and sold through 
|    volume licensing only; and
|    6. Windows 7 Ultimate - A version of 
|    Windows 7 Enterprise but available to 
|    users as individual licenses.
| Mobile
| On the mobile front Microsoft also has a 
| good handful of editions, six in fact.
|    1. Windows Mobile 6.x - The remaining 
|    Windows Mobile edition;
|    2. Windows Phone 7 - The newer 
|    smartphone-focused OS that has been so 
|    long in the coming;
|    3. Kin Phone OS - A version of Windows 
|    Phone 7 for the Kin phones;
|    4. Windows Embedded Handheld - The 
|    newest edition to the lineup for the 
|    Motorola enterprise digital assistant;
|    5. Windows Embedded Standard - An OS 
|    focused on TVs, set-top boxes and 
|    kiosks; and
|    6. Windows Embedded Compact 7 - A still-
|    to-be-released version of Windows 7 for 
|    slates and tablets.


Fragmentation, eh?


Fragmentation good for the user, says Nokia

,----[ Quote ]
| Fragmentation within mobile platforms helps handset manufacturers
| and software developers to properly address customers' needs, a
| senior Nokia executive has said.


N900 PUSHed as a hackerâs best friend

,----[ Quote ]
| This past Sunday I was invited to Londonâs Southbank to take a peek
| at a number of arty hacks centred around the new Nokia N900
| tabletyphonething. The hackers involved were from Tinker.it, a
| creative consultancy that seems to specialise in making physical
| things that represent the digital world. A lot of what they do
| seems to revolve around the Arduino platform (a small
| microcontroller that can talk to sensors and various external
| modules) and Nokia gave them the task of taking us back to the
| 80âs.


Nokia launches N900 hack fest!

,----[ Quote ]
| The Nokia N900 net tabletâs hardware is impressive enough, but its
| real selling point is the all new, multitasking Maemo 5 operating
| system. Espooâs proud of what it can do, and to show it off, itâs
| launching its very own, Nokia endorsed hacking competition for crafty
| coders. Want to get involved? Keep reading to find out how.


Hands on with the Nokia N900 and Maemo 5

,----[ Quote ]
| Qt will become the API across Nokia devices, which means developers might
| actually start writing applications for them. Qt is much easier for quick and
| dirty applications, and proven for heavyweights such as Google Earth, Opera
| and Skype, where high performance is a necessity.


Nokia bolsters phone lineup, prices laptop at $820


Nokia World 09 brings new smartphones, netbooks


Nokiaâs Free Software bullshit and insults in Maemo

,----[ Quote ]
| Thereâs a wiki page in Maemo explaining why there are some proprietary
| software. That page needs to be passed by the bullshit filter, like I said in
| my comment, Nokia is far from being friendly to Free Software. Theyâre
| actually quite aggressive and strongly lobby for the legalization of software
| patents in Europe. Donât be fooled by the sugar coating, they are not your
| friend. So what is in the wiki page after you pass the bullshit filter?
|     * Brand We think that âopen sourceâ reduces our brand value
|     * Differentiation Proprietary software is much better, just use it
|     * Legacy We donât want to be shamed by the garbage we forcefeed upon you
|     * IPR & licensing issues Software Patents are good, just buy the freaking
|     licenses from us.
|     * Security Since we sell dangerous products, we take your freedom away so
|     you donât make the mistake of getting proof theyâre crap (like their
|     batteries, which the phones must know the limits of)
|     * Third party Just accept that we know best and choose from the best

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