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[News] KDE 4.5 RC1 is Out, Looks Nice

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KDE Software Compilation 4.5 RC1 Release Announcement

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, KDE delivers the first release 
| candidate of the upcoming KDE Software 
| Compilation 4.5. The final version will be 
| available in August 2010 and this RC is 
| intended for testers and early adopters who 
| can help by finding and reporting bugs. It 
| will also interest those who want an early 
| look at what is coming to their desktops 
| and netbooks this summer.


KDE SC 4.5 RC1- The (well) hidden features

,----[ Quote ]
| Hopefully with the porting of the KDE PIM 
| suite of applications to akonadi in 4.5.1, 
| all of the necessary frameworks for 
| delivering on the KDE SC 4.x promise, will be 
| in place. But I donât think that 4.5 will 
| deliver the full bloom referred to in the 
| release notes. Hopefully the stabilisation of 
| KDE SC 4.5 will lay the foundation for things 
| to bloom fully in 4.6.


KDE SC 4.5 RC1 arrives

,----[ Quote ]
| The KDE Project developers have issued the 
| first release candidate (RC) for version 4.5 
| of the KDE Software Compilation (KDE SC), a 
| development preview of the next major release 
| for the popular Linux and Unix desktop. The 
| final version of KDE 4.5 is scheduled to be 
| released in August, 2010.



Introducing Your KDE Software Labels

,----[ Quote ]
| A while ago, the KDE promo team organized a
| competition to choose a design for labels
| that producers of software within our
| community can use to show that they are
| part of KDE.


KDE 4.5 2nd Beta: The End of an Era

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