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Re: Windows 8 Vaporware -- Highlights Windows 7 failings

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____/ Rex Ballard on Friday 02 Jul 2010 22:53 : \____

> It seems that Microsoft accidentally leaked goals for Windows 8.
> Obviously Microsoft is hoping it can use the vaporware gambit to
> somehow retain the loyalty of OEMs to an "All Microsoft" solution for
> their laptops and desktops.
> From
> http://msftkitchen.com/2010/06/windows-8-plans-leaked-numerous-details-revealed.html
> <quote>
> Included in these presentations is a rather telling (but obvious)
> slide which shows that Microsoft is clearly paying attention to Apple
> while planning Windows 8. Titled, âHow Apple does it: A virtuous
> cycle,â Microsoft has broken down Appleâs UX/Brand Loyalty cycle and
> cited its value. Though itâs fairly obvious, the takeaway here is that
> Microsoft is aiming to give Windows the very same âit just worksâ
> status that Appleâs products are known for
> </quote>
> It looks like they will be trying to but Dragon Strictly Speaking and
> ViaVoice out of business - They are promising "voice control" - but
> it's unclear whether or not this will include fully functional 100%
> accurate real-time speech-to-text or not.  Thus far Dragon has come
> close, but even they can only transcribe 1 voice, and has to be
> trained by that voice, and you have to be in a very quiet room.  The
> holy grail of voice recognition would be the ability to connect it to
> the television and get a "script" that not only told you what was
> being said, but also who was saying it.  Such a system could also take
> accurate transcripts of conference calls and even sit-down meetings.
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/06/29/windows_8_goals_leaked/
> Other key features seem to include mandatory touch-creen, 17 inch
> minimum display, up to 5 concurrent contact points, and full HD
> (1900x1200) display.  Getting the "True Windows 8" experience will
> difinitely require a new computer.  Microsoft is also promoting an all-
> in-one configuration with the computer tightly coupled to the display.
> Perhaps they don't like the fact that Linux is now being used to drive
> the display electronics for most external monitors and HDTV systems.
> I'm sure it was a mistake, but the timeline slide shows that Windows 7
> support will be ending far sooner than the even the beta releases of
> Windows 8.
> http://msftkitchen.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Windows-8-Product-Cycle.png
> As for the facial recognition, I've got that on my thinkpad.
> The biggest problem for Microsoft is that they keep adding locks and
> keys to the front door, but the back door, the "doggie door" they use
> to monitor end-user activity, is easily unlocked by hackers with even
> the most rudimentary skills.  But Microsoft refuses to give up that
> back door.  If Microsoft can get into you computer without you knowing
> it, so can most hackers, even the "script kiddies".
> Other interesting items of note.
> It seems that the classic "Tower" and "Mini" platforms, such as the
> ASUS Revo, will not be in Microsoft's plans for Windows 8.  Microsoft
> will also be taking a more "aggressive" control of the entire
> configuration.  Unfortunately, this is likely to mean that PC
> manufacturers are likely to lose even more money on each sale, since
> they will now have to invest heavily on additional hardware - which
> will crash to commodity prices even more quickly, since all of the
> machines will be virtually identical - and Acer and ASUS will probably
> start dropping prices very quickly.
> Bad news for Retailers and 3rd party software developers
> It seems that Microsoft also wants a LOT more control over
> applications.  It seems that they will be the sole source for
> obtaining new applications for Windows 8.
> It's pretty obvious that Microsoft never intended to let this
> information be made public when it was, but now everybody, including
> PC makers, software vendors, and competitors, can see how Microsoft
> intends to tighten it's grip on the market, and how they intend to get
> even tougher on Linux.
> Ironically, it's also pretty clear that Microsoft is also trying to
> steal even more tricks from their competitors, including Chromium,
> Linux, and OS/X.

This fake "leak" shows that Microsoft is nervous. It needed to have someone leak it
to not give the impression that Vista 7 failed.

"In the face of strong competition, Evangelism's focus may shift immediately to the next version 
of the same technology, however. Indeed, Phase 1 (Evangelism Starts) for version x+1 may start as 
soon as this Final Release of version X."

	--Microsoft [ http://techrights.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/comes-3096.pdf ]

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