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Re: [comp.os.linux.advocacy] Post Script to FAQ and Primer for COLA, Edition III, Part 2

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Friday 02 Jul 2010 01:13 : \____

> Following is what I surmise is happening in COLA. - HPT
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: Re: Cyber War: Microsoft a weak link in national security
> Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 17:09:53 -0600
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> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> nessuno on Sunday:
>>> High Plains Thumper wrote:
>>>> The Big Ticket wrote:
>>>>> High Plains Thumper wrote:
>>>>>> IMHO, it seems also that the same has saved a bundle by
>>>>>> employing such low quality trolls in this newsgroup.
>>>>>> (Hadron, DFS, Ezekiel, RayLopez99, flatfish & oodles of nyms,
>>>>>> etc. to name a few)
>>>>> You sick fuck, your diaper is not clean by any means I have
>>>>> seen. You're right there in the troll game, responding. If
>>>>> anyone is getting paid around here, it's your daddy Roy.
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>>>> The luser is back, Duane Arnold.
>>>> From: "level3.net Troll's Nick-list Keeper"
>>>> <i.m.nonnym...@xxxxxxxxx>
>>>> Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 17:41:39 -0700 (PDT)
>>>> Subject: Update: level3.net troll's nicks
>>>> [quote]
>>>> He posts either via earthlink.net or level3.net (preferred)
>>>> His IP address will ALWAYS be:
>>>> 4.224.xxx.xxx or 4.225.xxx.xxx
>>>> He posts using: Thunderbird (Windows/20080914)
>>>> Most recent list:
>>>> Terry's Web Server
>>>> Paragon Falcon (he can't spell "Peregrine")
>>>> COLA Gone Wild
>>>> Terry Porter (spoof of real poster)
>>>> Sorry Linux Pimps
>>>> [snip long lists]
>>>> [/quote]
>>>> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/msg/21de910944e...
>>> Notice how the wintrolls respond when confronted with facts.  If
>>> the BT is not flatfish, he certainly behaves like him.
>>> Lesson #1 in Microsoft evangelist school is to attack the
>>> messenger, whenever the message cannot otherwise be discredited.
>>> In this case, Richard Clarke carries a great deal of credibility,
>>> and even if you don't agree with his opinions, he is certainly
>>> telling the truth about how Microsoft threatened to stop
>>> cooperating with the US government if they started to use Linux.
>> This also shifts the debate (goalposts), not only discrediting the
>> messenger.
> I surmise it was reasons as such that the contributors to the 2002
> official COLA FAQ included Chapter 7, "Anti-Linux Propagandists and
> Trolls".  This was written before the Comes vs Microsoft documents were
> available, to include the Microsoft Evangelism document:
> [quote]
> In the Mopping Up phase, Evangelism's goal is to put the final nail into
> the competing technology's coffin, and bury it in the burning depths of
> the earth.  Ideally, use of the competing technology becomes associated
> with mental deficiency, as in, "he believes in Santa Claus, the Easter
> Bunny, and OS/2."
> Just keep rubbing it in, via the press, analysts, newsgroups, whatever.
> make the complete failure of the competition's technology part of the
> mythology of the computer industry.
> We want to place selection pressure on the companies and individuals
> that show a genetic weakness for competitor's technologies, to make the
> industry increasingly resistant to such unhealthy strains, over time.
> [/quote]
> PDF page 55
> Microsoft Evangelism
> Comes vs. Microsoft court case
> http://www.groklaw.net/pdf/Comes-3096.pdf
> The following from the same evangelism document seems to support what
> these trolls are doing.  One must read this with a grain of salt:
> [quote]
> Our weapons are psychological, economic, and political - not military.
> No one is forced to adopt our standards at the barrel of a gun. We can
> only convince, not compel. Those who adopt our standards do so as a
> rational decision to serve their own ends, whatever those may be. It is
> our job to ensure that those choosing an operating system are presented
> with an overwhelming abundance of evidence and reasoned argument in
> favor of our standards - so overwhelming that the choice of our
> standards seems obvious, or (ideally) that the developer is not even
> aware that a decision was faced, and a choice made.
> We do this by understanding the barriers that might otherwise prevent
> the developer from adopting our standards, and removing them; by
> understanding the inducements that might facilitate the developer's
> adoption of our standards, and providing them; by understanding the
> arguments of our competition, and countering them.
> [/quote]
>>From "Evangelism is War" section on PDF page 3.
> You notice that the trolls keep pushing the point that advocates and
> those who purchase Linux computers and use Linux have mental
> deficiencies, are sexually deviant, following the lines of "he believes
> in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and OS/2".
> DFS keeps posting Googled or Bing'd information on Ubuntu, to make it
> appear as it is a totally unsuitable and experimental operating system,
> incapable of supporting the desktop.
> Flatfish (Moshe and variant nyms, total nymshifts such as "singer")
> tries to discredit Linux capability as a real time music audio editor,
> sequencer and playback for professional recording use.
> Nymshift as Charles Griggs:
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/msg/a7f3caafd6608675
> Nymshift as Singer:
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/msg/ae8052251a67da62
> My reply to Singer (flatfish):
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/msg/f8ff83eaf9d28393
> Trolls are FUD'ing other Usenet groups such as rec.audio.pro to
> discredit Linux and Linux applications.  This is because as the
> evangelism document reveals, is to prevent developers from considering
> supporting other operating systems.
> Flatfish nymshifts as sock clogwog and Dutch nyms, with the assistance
> of another Dutch speaking individual, Ezekiel, RayLopez99, Duane Arnold
> "The Bee" and nyms attack individual posters with offensive lies,
> insults, to discourage those who remain posting Linux advocacy, so they
> can have this newsgroup to themselves.
> FUD artists such as Erik Funkenbusch, Tim Smith, amicus_curious (BillWG)
> introduce subtle lies and ad hominems, to derail discussions.
> All these work together to help render Linux advocacy useless.
> Then add on top of that the marketing subtle lies as statistics,
> discrediting authors such as Richard Clarke, discrediting competing
> products and support through negative astroturf comments toward
> competing applications, hardware, etc.

Microsoft is not a company, it's a mindset, it's a sect.

> IMHO, this Microsoft organisation is one monstrous propaganda machine
> that rivals political propaganda machines of the cold war era.  Using
> acts of monopoly maintenance, undersells other operating systems such as
> Linux by severely dropping their price and twisting OEMS to support
> their cause as stated by the evangelism document.
> This is all done to prevent Linux from gaining a foothold.  We have seen
> how that the netbooks have grown in requirement to the point they are no
> longer netbooks, extension of an obsolete operating system "Windows XP"
> to keep Microsoft applications flowing.
> There is only one way to stop this machine, and it will have to be at
> the behest of the worldwide governments, to continue their legal actions
> to make things right.  The other way is it fails from within, collapses
> as we have seen a number of key officer turnovers and resignations.
> Perhaps the two will bring it down.

Welcome back!

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