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[News] Open Access/Content Moves Lead to Boycotts

  • Subject: [News] Open Access/Content Moves Lead to Boycotts
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2010 16:21:23 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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California against Nature

,----[ Quote ]
| Note the similarities to the UC rationale, 
| including the triple-digit price increase, 
| the recession, and the importance of 
| speaking out against the business 
| practices that harm research. 
| It's tempting to distinguish two phases of 
| the serials pricing crisis.  In the Early 
| Crisis, universities resented 
| hyperinflationary price increases and 
| spoke out against them, but generally made 
| painful cuts elsewhere to meet them.  In 
| the Late Crisis, universities lost their 
| ability to cut further and spoke out 
| against harmful and unsustainable business 
| models, not just harmful and unsustainable 
| price increases.  UC is not the first sign 
| of the Late Crisis, but it's size and 
| clout make it one of the most influential.


GNU social and Libre.fm to use OpenHatch

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, FooCorp announced a strategic 
| alliance with OpenHatch to encourage wider 
| adoption of free software and allow 
| greater involvement with FooCorp 
| developments.


Dramatic Growth of Open Access: June 30, 2010 (brief version)

,----[ Quote ]
| Open access policy continues to be the 
| headline growth story, particularly 
| institutional OA mandates and total OA 
| mandates, both of which have more than 
| doubled over the past year. There are now 
| a total of 220 mandates.


Unpacking Open Source Government

,----[ Quote ]
| Throughout the day, the thorniest issues 
| swirled around how to convince many 
| different stakeholders that curate legal 
| materials to abandon their entrenched 
| practices in favor of a system that 
| coordinates between jurisdictions. Most 
| likely, Law.gov will apply several 
| arguments to underscore the need for these 
| proposed sweeping changes. When the 
| session drew to a close, Malamud offered a 
| few final words on the importance of 
| applying open source practices to the 
| legal system: âWeâre trying to do a 
| standard here, saying if youâre going to 
| make a law, you need to make it in bulk.â 
| Over the next several months, Malamud will 
| draw up a report that will include the 
| technical specifications, total costs, and 
| standard procedures for the proposed 
| repository. From it, he intends to 
| generate broader support for his 
| initiative, first from law school deans, 
| and later from legislators and legal 
| professionals. Both events suggest the 
| profound impact that open source practices 
| of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and 
| networked participation are beginning to 
| have on traditional governing 
| institutions.



India's tuberculosis genome project under fire

,----[ Quote ]
| India's Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD)
| project has drawn criticism from geneticists for
| not publishing its first results in a peer-
| reviewed journal. Researchers have also
| dismissed as hype some of the claims made by the
| project's chief coordinator, Samir Brahmachari.


Redefining the Life Well-Lived: Plenitude, Abundance and Sharing

,----[ Quote ]
| Wealth. Well-being. Happiness: the words have a
| well-rounded, easeful feel to them, while
| "sustainability", though a great concept, has an
| implication of discipline and scrimping that can
| be taken as negative.
| Author Juliet Schor argues that seeing the world
| through a framework of abundance as opposed to a
| fight over scarcity is the essential shift that
| needs to take place for healthier, happier
| societies.


EU-India free trade deal 'will hurt AIDS patients'

,----[ Quote ]
| A new Free Trade Agreement between the
| European Union and India could make it more
| difficult for the world's poorest patients
| to access antiretroviral drugs, according
| to humanitarian aid group, MÃdecins Sans
| FrontiÃres.
| The deal, which is close to being signed by
| both sides, is likely to curb sales of
| generic a three-in-one AIDS drug made in
| India where there are no patent constraints
| to stop the sale of combination therapies.


Court Rules that DNA Is Information, Not Intellectual Property

,----[ Quote ]
| A federal judge in New York ruled yesterday
| that patents on a set of human genes are
| invalid. U.S. District Court Judge Robert
| Sweet handed down his decision in favor of
| the case brought buy a coalition of groups
| including the American Civil Liberties
| Union and the Public Patent Foundation. The
| lawsuit argued that patents owned by Myriad
| Genetics on two genes connected to breast
| and ovarian cancer both stunt genetic
| research and limit access to health care
| for women.


Gene patenting and free software: a breakthrough

,----[ Quote ]
| In reaching his legal conclusions, Judge
| Sweet relied significantly on the recent
| opinion of the Court of Appeals for the
| Federal Circuit, which has primary
| responsibility for interpreting the
| nation's patent law, In re Bilski, 535 F.3d
| 943 (2008), now pending in the Supreme
| Court.  Bilski, as readers here will know,
| raises issues concerning the patentability
| of business methods and computer software,
| on essentially the same basic ground: that,
| as the Supreme Court has said, "phenomena
| of nature, though just discovered, mental
| processes, and abstract intellectual
| concepts are not patentable, as they are
| the basic tools of scientific and
| technological work." Gottschalk v. Benson,
| 409 U.S. 63, 67 (1972).  Judge Sweet's
| opinion may be said to raise the stakes on
| Bilski slightly, but the parts of the
| Federal Circuit opinion on which Judge
| Sweet relies are not about the "specialized
| machine or transformation of matter" test
| adopted by the Federal Circuit to
| distinguish patentable from unpatentable
| inventions involving computer software and
| methods of doing business.  Judge Sweet
| followed the Federal Circuit closely in its
| expression of the settled law of patent
| scope, making it more unlikely that the
| Federal Circuit, which will hear the
| inevitable appeal from Judge Sweet's
| judgment, will be inclined to disturb the
| conclusion.


Have we seen Peak Monsanto?

,----[ Quote ]
| Is it possible that we've reached Peak
| Monsanto?:
| Low commodity soybean prices, attractive
| premiums, and rising prices for genetically
| modified soybean seed are leading American
| farmers to plant more acres of non-GMO
| soybeans this year.
| Representatives with soybean associations,
| universities, and grain buyers all say that
| demand for non-GMO soybeans is growing,
| leading to more non-GMO acres.
| Genetically modified Roundup Ready soybeans
| have taken an increasingly larger percentage
| of U.S. soybean acreage each year since
| their introduction in 1996, reaching 92
| percent in 2008.

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