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[News] Open Data Defined, Inspires Many

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Open Data Definition at OSCON

,----[ Quote ]
| Safe enough to say that the OSD has been 
| quite successful in laying out a set of 
| criteria for what is, and what is not, 
| Open Source. We should adopt a definition 
| Open Data, even if it means merely 
| endorsing an existing one.


Data is not binary

,----[ Quote ]
| Why open data requires credibility and 
| transparency.


The open spending data that isnâtâ this is not good

,----[ Quote ]
| When the coalition announced that councils 
| would have to publish all spending over 
| Â500 by January next year, thereâs been a 
| palpable excitement in the open data and 
| transparency community at the thought of 
| what could be done with it (not least 
| understanding and improving the balance of 
| councilsâ relationships with suppliers).
| Secretary of State for Communities & Local 
| Government Eric Pickles followed this up 
| with a letter to councils saying, âI donât 
| expect everyone to do it right first time, 
| but I do expect everyone to do it.â Great. 
| Raw Data Now, in the words of Tim-Berners 
| Lee.


European Officials Embrace Open Data Policy for GMES Satellites

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Space Agency (ESA) and the 
| European Parliament have endorsed the idea 
| of free and open access to data from 
| Europeâs future generation of Sentinel 
| Earth observation satellites, with the 
| possible exception of imagery with a 
| ground resolution sharper than 10 meters, 
| European government officials said. 



Government accepts academies should be subject to FOI Act

,----[ Quote ]
| Schools minister Lord Hill of Oareford has
| confirmed that the government accepts
| academy schools should be public
| authorities for the purposes of the Freedom
| of Information Act. In response to an
| amendment proposed by Lord Lucas during the
| committee stage of the Academies Bill, to
| add academy proprietors to Schedule 1 of
| the FOI Act, the minister said he supported
| the amendment in principle and promised to
| come back to the issue at report stage.


Maude calls for public choice on open data

,----[ Quote ]
| Maude said: "In just a few weeks this
| government has published a whole range of
| data sets that have never been available to
| the public before. But we don't want this
| to be about a few releases, we want
| transparency to become an absolutely core
| part of every bit of government business.
| "That is why we have asked some of the
| country's and the world's greatest experts
| in this field to help us take this work
| forward quickly here in central government
| and across the whole of the public sector.
| "And in the spirit of transparency we are
| asking everyone to comment on our ideas and
| help us to define these important
| principles. Anyone who wants to will be
| able to put forward their suggestions for
| what the principles should be by logging on
| to data.gov.uk."


Publishing Local Open Data - Important Lessons from the Open Election Data project

,----[ Quote ]
| Local authorities were encouraged to
| publish election results on their websites
| as 'Linked Open Data' â data that is
| published under an open licence that allows
| unrestricted reuse, and that is marked up
| to identify the structure and meaning,
| making possible its automated collection
| for re-publishing and mashing up with other
| data.


New UK transparency board and public data principles


Data.ed.gov Launches


Open Data Commons â Attribution License released

,----[ Quote ]
| Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the
| licenses and their help with the project. We
| can now announce a new license to the Open
| Data Commons family, the ODC Attribution
| License (ODC-BY) license. This is a database
| specific license requiring attribution for
| databases. This makes ODC-BY similar to the
| Creative Commons Attribution license, but is
| built specifically for databases. As a legal
| tool that only requires attribution, it
| complies with the Open Knowledge Definition,
| the Open Knowledge Foundationâs standard
| around defining the rights behind what
| something means to be âopenâ.


OpenStreetMap: 2010 State of the Map conference

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenStreetMap  (OSM) Project has
| announced that this year's State of the Map
| conference will take place from the 9th to
| the 11th of July in Girona, Spain.
| OpenStreetMap is an open source project that
| is building free online maps, not based on
| any copyright or licensed map data. Founded
| by Steve Coast  in August of 2004 and run by
| the OpenStreetMap Foundation, to date the
| project has nearly 270,000  users worldwide
| that make more than 7,000 edits every hour.


Scientists for open data and authors of Panton Principles named SPARC Innovators

,----[ Quote ]
| Science is based on building on, reusing,
| and openly criticizing the published body of
| scientific knowledge. For science to
| effectively function, and for society to
| reap the full benefits from scientific
| endeavors, it is crucial that science data
| be made open.
| Thatâs the belief of four leaders who have
| put forth a groundbreaking set of
| recommendations for scientists to more
| easily share their data â The Panton
| Principles â and who have been named the
| latest SPARC Innovators for their work.


Announcing the Portability Policy

,----[ Quote ]
| Weâre proud to announce the release of the
| Portability Policy, the latest creation from
| the DataPortability Project. We believe that
| this will help further the vision of digital
| freedom that was the founding ideal of our
| group two years ago.
| The software industry is still figuring out
| the right balance between open and closed,
| but we believe that communication is the
| first step. The DataPortability Project
| encourages standard, plain language policies
| describing how data and digital âstuffâ can
| be moved from one product to another.


Open Geoprocessing Standards and Open Geospatial Data

,----[ Quote ]
| The following guest post is from Lance McKee,
| who is Senior Staff Writer at the Open
| Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and a member of
| the Open Knowledge Foundationâs Working Group
| on Open Geospatial Data.

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