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[News] 4 More New Examples of "Open Data" in Action

  • Subject: [News] 4 More New Examples of "Open Data" in Action
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2010 16:25:54 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Valley residents find conflict, obstacles in Gulf of Mexico

,----[ Quote ]
| In the afternoon Thursday, we have a short 
| meeting with the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, 
| who are shifting gears from their normal 
| operations of open source air quality 
| testing and creating an open source map 
| that anyone can add data to as they notice 
| oil, wildlife, health problems, and 
| various other items of interest at 
| www.labucketbrigade.org.


Businesses unwilling to share data, but keen on government doing it

,----[ Quote ]
| But businesses are less willing to join in 
| - possibly because they see a commercial 
| risk in being making their data available 
| if others do not reciprocate. While a 
| number of companies participate in open 
| source software projects such as the Linux 
| operating system and Apache web server, to 
| which companies such as IBM and Sun have 
| been substantial contributors, that is 
| some distance from making data - even 
| anonymised - about the business visible to 
| rivals.


Photo archive goes live on OS OpenSpace

,----[ Quote ]
| Another great OS OpenSpace mash-up has 
| been built for The Great Tour of Britain â 
| a unique cycling challenge 
| circumnavigating the entire coastline of 
| Great Britain. Itâs being organised by the 
| same team who brought us The Tour of 
| Britain cycle race and the Halfords Tour 
| series which was recently shown on ITV4.


'Google will be one node on a vast social web'

,----[ Quote ]
| "I've worked for myself for the last five 
| years, and there are certain things you 
| can do on your own," explains Messina, who 
| recently ranked third in a list of the 
| most powerful voices in open source. 



OpenStreetMap: Crowd-sourcing the world, a street at a time

,----[ Quote ]
| Wikipedia's "crowdsourced knowledge" model
| has created a spectacular resource, but
| everyone knows the big caveat: if the data's
| important, don't trust the online
| encyclopedia without verifying it first. So
| how well would a similar crowdsourcing model
| work for a detailed street-level map of the
| world?


OBIS Selects OpenGeo for Web-based Geospatial Mapping

,----[ Quote ]
| The product is a fully-integrated, open
| source geospatial platform for manipulating
| maps and data that provides enhanced
| capabilities like the ability to edit vector
| data through a web interface, imagery
| delivery and customized web application
| development. OpenGeo will provide unlimited
| support and bug fixes for PostGIS, GeoServer,
| OpenLayers and the rest of the open source
| platform to help OBIS extract intelligent
| data more easily from its 27 million record
| database and improve the ease of use for its
| global audience.


Open Data Commons Attribution License

,----[ Quote ]
| NB: The Open Data Commons Attribution License
| (ODC-By) is not yet final and is still being
| reviewed.


Open Data, Open Cities

,----[ Quote ]
| While the Open Data movement has yet to
| demonstrate its killer app, it shows much
| promise. It will take commitment from both
| innovators and the city governments to
| sustain the momentum over the year, but these
| early successes suggest that open API's and
| killer coders may be able to revolutionize
| the way cities operate and interact with
| their citizens.


Activist envisions free giant database for legal papers

,----[ Quote ]
| If you want Internet access to federal court
| records in the trial of former Gov. Rod
| Blagojevich, you have to pay 8 cents a page.
| The fee applies to any federal-trial court
| documents through a government-run system of
| electronic records known as Pacer.
| Carl Malamud thinks it's outrageous that
| court documents are fenced off. The open-
| government activist, who crusaded to make the
| Securities and Exchange Commission's EDGAR
| database publicly available, has turned his
| attention to the legal system â and not just
| court records.


Incunabula Cataloguing Project

,----[ Quote ]
| In October 2009 Cambridge University Library
| launched a cataloguing project which will
| make records for its collection of 4,650
| incunables available and searchable online
| for the first time. The incunabula
| collection, part of which goes back to the
| late 15th century, is internationally
| renowned and includes some 134 unique items.
| The scope of the project is to create
| specialist records for all the incunables in
| the Libraryâs online catalogue, Newton, with
| special emphasis on copy-specific information
| such as anomalies, rubrication, decoration
| and illumination, annotations, binding, marks
| of ownership, and provenance, enhancing and
| bringing up to date the short-title catalogue
| published by J.C.T. Oates in 1954, and
| including the 256 items acquired by the
| Library since.


Crowd Science Reaches New Heights

,----[ Quote ]
| Alexander S. Szalay is a well-regarded
| astronomer, but he hasn't peered through a
| telescope in nearly a decade. Instead, the
| professor of physics and astronomy at the
| Johns Hopkins University learned how to write
| software code, build computer servers, and
| stitch millions of digital telescope images
| into a sweeping panorama of the universe.
| Along the way, thanks to a friendship with a
| prominent computer scientist, he helped
| reinvent the way astronomy is studied,
| guiding it from a largely solo pursuit to a
| discipline in which sharing is the norm.
| [...]
| A case in point is a project to create a
| genetic road map using the same wiki platform
| that supports Wikipedia.
| It started under the name of GenMAPP, or Gene
| Map Annotator and Pathway Profiler.
| Participation rates were low at first because
| researchers had little incentive to format
| their findings and add them to the project.
| Tenure decisions are made by the number of
| articles published, not the amount of helpful
| material placed online. "The academic system
| is not set up to reward the sharing of the
| most usable aspects of the data," said
| Alexander Pico, bioinformatics group leader
| and software engineer at the Gladstone
| Institute of Cardiovascular Disease.


Momentum building for open government data in Norway

,----[ Quote ]
| The following guest post is from Olav Anders
| ÃvrebÃ, Assistant Professor at the University
| of Bergen, and member of the Open Knowledge
| Foundationâs Working Group on EU Open Data.
| This text was first published as a European
| Public Sector Information Platform Topic
| Report on ePSIplatform.eu.

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