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[News] Eclipse a Success Story of Free Software, Examples of Top Projects

  • Subject: [News] Eclipse a Success Story of Free Software, Examples of Top Projects
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2010 16:54:44 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Why the Eclipse Way Works So Well

,----[ Quote ]
| Many enterprise development teams often 
| struggle with releasing software projects 
| on time. That doesn't seem to be the case 
| with the multi-vendor open source Eclipse 
| Foundation, which for the last seven years 
| has consistently shipped releases from 
| multiple projects on time.
| This week, Eclipse Helios shipped with 39 
| projects in what is known as the Eclipse 
| release train. How does Eclipse manage to 
| organize so many projects and year-after-
| year hit their release targets? What's the 
| secret? 


Application Development: 25 Best and Brightest Eclipse Development Projects

,----[ Quote ]
| With the recent release (June 23) of the 
| Eclipse Foundation's 39-project Helios 
| release train, eWEEK has decided to take a 
| look at what many in the Eclipse community 
| view as some of the top projects coming 
| out of the organization. Eclipse is an 
| open-source community, whose projects are 
| focused on building an open development 
| platform comprised of extensible 
| frameworks, tools and runtimes for 
| building, deploying and managing software 
| across the lifecycle. Eclipse started as a 
| Java IDE, but has since grown to be much, 
| much more.



Does the world need another programming language?

,----[ Quote ]
| What were the motivations for creating Go?
|     Rob Pike
|     Rob Pike: A couple of years ago,
|     several of us at Google became a little
|     frustrated with the software
|     development process, and particularly
|     using C++ to write large server
|     software. We found that the binaries
|     tended to be much too big. They took
|     too long to compile. And the language
|     itself, which is pretty much the main
|     system software language in the world
|     right now, is a very old language. A
|     lot of the ideas and changes in
|     hardware that have come about in the
|     last couple of decades haven't had a
|     chance to influence C++. So we sat down
|     with a clean sheet of paper and tried
|     to design a language that would solve
|     the problems that we have: we need to
|     build software quickly, have it run
|     well on modern multi-core hardware and
|     in a network environment, and be a
|     pleasure to use.


Take more note when Eclipse code drops on schedule

,----[ Quote ]
| Five years into my tenure on this beat and
| I still read, in comments, snark about open
| source programmers being amateurs, coding
| in their parentsâ basements, in their
| pajamas.
| This was always a false image. Not that I
| have anything against a good parentâs
| basement, or a nice comfortable pair of
| jammies. And when open source was being
| born, at the bottom of the dot-bomb, there
| was high unemployment in the code-o-sphere.
| But the coders and the coding were always
| professional. There have always been a lot
| of people in open source who knew how to
| make the coding train run on time.


Eclipse project releases major update of open source IDE

,----[ Quote ]
| The Eclipse project has announced the Helios
| release train, a major update of the open
| source Eclipse integrated development
| environment (IDE) and many of its key
| components.


Helios: Eclipse 3.6 with Linux Tools, MarketPlace and JavaScript debugging

,----[ Quote ]
| The Eclipse Foundation's annual release
| train, this year dubbed Helios, as planned,
| includes version 3.6 of Eclipse, the free
| development environment. Helios includes 39
| projects with more than 33 million lines of
| code â the work of approximately 490
| committers. Discussing the release, Eclipse
| Foundation Executive Director Mike
| Milinkovich said, "The Helios release is
| another fantastic effort by the Eclipse
| committer community", noting that,"Besides
| the feat of coordinating such a large
| development effort, Helios introduces
| important innovations".


Eclipse Helios technologies arrive on the release train


Eclipse Helios Simultaneous Release


Surprising findings in developers' open source usage

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows usage is declining, MySQL usage is
| gaining, and Enterprise JavaBeans and Spring
| usage are tied


Linux gaining on Windows among Eclipse developers


Eclipse Community Survey: Good News, Bad News

,----[ Quote ]
| That's really significant, because for many free
| software applications, historically people have
| tended to develop on Windows, and then deploy on
| GNU/Linux. If the developers are moving to
| GNU/Linux on the desktop â as this survey suggests
| - maybe the tide is beginning to turn there, at
| least among that particular community (well, it's a
| start...).


Eclipse users developing on Linux, considering cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| The primary takeaway from the results is the shift
| in how engineers are choosing to develop and
| deploy. Linux, especially Ubuntu, has taken market
| share from Windows on an ongoing basis, and is now
| used by just shy of one third of respondents as
| their developer desktop, up from 20 percent in
| 2007.

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