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Re: Great Ubuntu Experience

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____/ Megabyte on Tuesday 06 Jul 2010 01:45 : \____

> I decided to remove Windows 7 from my Desktop and install Ubuntu 10.04.
> I was fed up with poor performance and constant nag ware.  Ubuntu
> installed without a hitch.  It recognized my HP printer, my ScanSnap
> scanner and even my Logitec Orbit web cam.  I initially thought I might
> have to go without scanning capabilities but it works out of the box.
> The Ubuntu desktop is connecting fine with my WHS box and the only thing
> left for me to get working is MythTV.  I've tried this transition in the
> past and went back to Windows but after using the Mac for a year there
> is nothing in the Windows world I can't do without.  I still have my Mac
> for iTunes and iPad connectivity but I'm very pleased with my two Ubuntu
> machines, soon to be three.
> I've toyed with Ubuntu for quite a while but from the moment I ran
> Ubuntu 10.04 I liked the changes in the latest version.  It has always
> performed reliably and fast but now it looks more up to date.  I've
> added a dock, changed the desktop background but generally been happy
> with the default theme.
> Linux is very much ready for the desktop so don't let the trolls here
> tell you differently. As for their FUD about Ubuntu, do yourself a favor
> and try it for yourself and make up your own mind.  My installs have
> been flawless and all of my hardware has been recognized.  The trolls
> know Linux is ready for the desktop and that is why they are spreading
> their FUD here.

Outside of c.o.l.a., anti-Linux trolls are a dying breed/extinct and many nations slowly/gradually
adopt operating systems like Ubuntu and Debian, especially in areas like south America.

The quickest growth for Linux at the moment seems to be in mobile (and moving upwards
via tablets, sub-notebooks).

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