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Re: Another Linux Lawsuit Storm Brewing?

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Tuesday 06 Jul 2010 13:22 : \____

> [quote]
> Another Linux Lawsuit Storm Brewing?
> by Ken Hess on Mar 26th, 2010
> Now that Microsoft's big operating systems, Windows 7 and Windows Server
> 2008, are on store shelves, is it time again for them to pick up the
> legal sledgehammer and go after Linux? I think the evidence for it is
> mounting. Microsoft has signed a deal with Novell, penned an agreement
> with Red Hat, sued and won against TomTom, signed a secret deal with
> Amazon, has lost costly suits against Uniloc and VirnetX and lost an
> appeal in its case against i4i. But this time, they're going to go for
> the jugular with a broad and sweeping patent infringement suite against
> major Linux adopters that haven't signed indemnification deals with them.
> I'm not going to say directly who I think Microsoft is sharpening its
> legal blades for this time but you can bet that they are big names in
> the IT industry and they use a lot of Linux.
> This next wave of suits will make the SCO suits look even more petty and
> ridiculous than they already were.
> [...]
> Microsoft can't monopolize an industry legally by purchasing all of its
> competition but it can legally keep potential competitors out of the
> market by creating barriers with these types of lawsuits. If you want to
> play ball in this industry, you either buy their ball or rent the freely
> available ball from them. Interesting concept, isn't it?
> So get ready to see the headlines light up with lawsuits and rumors of
> lawsuits courtesy of Microsoft.
> [/quote]
> http://www.daniweb.com/news/story271072.html

Microsoft managed to extort the 'easy ones' in 2007. Since then, Microsoft patent
deals have been rare and mostly took place in far-east Asia (where software patents
are sometimes legal).

Microsoft needs a plan B. Patent tax can't pay ~90,000 employees (and declining). Microsoft has
many products that operate at a loss.

There's realisation that lawsuits against Linux alienate developers and customers. It's a 
failing strategy.

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