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[News] GNU/Linux is Succeeding in he OEM Channel

  • Subject: [News] GNU/Linux is Succeeding in he OEM Channel
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 17:02:34 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Linux at HP: A Decade of Leadership

,----[ Quote ]
| While at the HP Technology Forum 2010, a 
| particular breakout session stood out in 
| that it was all about Linux. In fact, I've 
| stolen the title of the presentation and 
| made it the name of this article. Bdale 
| Garbee, a very comprehensive and impressive 
| individual (also the HP Open Source & Linux 
| Chief Technologist), gave a talk on the 
| basics of Linux and HP's involvement in it.
| He outlined the community development model 
| (in his words: "no one company in charge; a 
| range of contributors with varied interests, 
| abilities, and motivations") and the freedom 
| of choice ("users have flexibility in how 
| they acquire support for open source 
| technology; any user can become a developer 
| or pay someone to develop or support... on 
| their behalf; if 'upstream' ever behaves 
| unacceptably, developers have the power to 
| 'fork'"). He said that, to profit while 
| maintaining the openness of open source, HP 
| needs to add unique value that customers 
| want to pay for.


Competion between Google Chrome OS and Microsoft Windows Heats Up

,----[ Quote ]
| There has been no official announcement from 
| Dell or Google about a deal but âtalksâ are 
| underway. If an agreement is reached Dell 
| would be the third manufacturer to build a 
| future netbook with Chrome OS. The other 
| computer manufacturers that plan on 
| releasing netbooks or other computers with 
| Chrome OS are Acer and HP.



Will Dell Dump Microsoft for Google's Chrome Operating System?

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's (GOOG) Chrome operating system
| will be locked in a market share war with
| Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows OS when it's
| released later this year. Microsoft has a
| huge lead because it runs, by some
| estimates, on 90% of the PCs sold around
| the world. The success of Windows 7 may
| help cement that advantage. But the tide
| could be changing.
| Google and Dell (DELL) are discussing a
| deal to have its Chrome OS put on on the PC
| company's laptops. According to Reuters,
| "We have to have a point of view on the
| industry and technology direction two
| years, three years down the road, so we
| continuously work with Google on this,"
| Amit Midha, Dell's president for Greater
| China and South Asia said.


Dell is breaking away from Microsoft


What Chrome OS Needs: Levity


Dell Hops On Google Chrome OS Bandwagon

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