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[News] David Boies Will Take on Microsoft Again, Regarding Patent Extortion

  • Subject: [News] David Boies Will Take on Microsoft Again, Regarding Patent Extortion
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 20:25:45 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Salesforce.com Taps Veteran Microsoft Nemesis for Countersuit


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Sued by Salesforce

,----[ Quote ]
| The worldâs biggest maker of Web-based 
| software, Salesforce.com, has not specified 
| what damages it is seeking, but claims that 
| Microsoft is infringing five Salesforce patents 
| in programs, including in the Windows Server 
| operating system and the widely used .Net 
| platform.


Salesforce.com sues Microsoft for patent infringement



Salesforce.com Sues Microsoft Over Cloud Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Salesforce.com Inc. filed a patent-
| infringement lawsuit today against
| Microsoft Corp., escalating a fight between
| the two companies over the growing market
| for cloud-computing software.


Salesforce.com's Marc Benioff Calls Microsoft 'Alley Thugs'


Microsoft's Salesforce.com Lawsuit Overshadows Hotmail Update


Microsoft And Salesforce.Com In A Patent Infringement Case


Over lawsuit, Salesforce CEO calls Microsoft 'patent trolls'

,----[ Quote ]
| Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff didn't hold
| much back Thursday when, during the
| company's Q1 FY2011 earnings call, someone
| asked him about Microsoft's new lawsuit
| against the cloud-computing leader. He went
| right out and said it, calling Microsoft
| "patent trolls."


Is Microsoft A Patent Troll?

,----[ Quote ]
| So at least by the elements of that
| definition, Microsoft doesn't meet the
| patent troll definition at all. The patents
| that Microsoft is litigating aren't ones
| that it has purchased, but ones that were
| filed based on the research of their own
| employees. Some of those patents are ones
| that are already being used in Microsoft
| products, and others are at at least
| potentially usable in future products. For
| the time being, patent royalties are a
| small part of Microsoft's revenues. And
| finally, Microsoft is going after companies
| that are in its own technology back yard.
| Far from being a patent troller themselves,
| Microsoft has been a patent-troll victim,
| losing several lawsuits that have cost
| hundreds of millions of dollars. Still,
| there's no doubt that Microsoft has
| increasingly gone after competitors that it
| believes are using its patented ideas. Just
| last month, phone-maker HTC cut a deal to
| license patents that Microsoft said were
| being used by HTC handsets.


Microsoft's Ballmer: 'Nothing Free About Android'


Will Google Buy Salesforce Next?


The end of Microsoft. A door opens to a new cloud.

,----[ Quote ]
| I have been waiting for something
| spectacular to happen any day. And itâs not
| the explosion of another volcano in
| Iceland, but it will be a global event with
| far reaching ramifications that will be as
| well known. Appleâs market capitalization
| is about to be worth more than Microsoft's.
| That is quite a change from a decade ago.


Microsoft--down but by no means out

,----[ Quote ]
| After all, this is the company that went
| from calling open-source software "un-
| American" to embracing it on a large scale.
| It's also the company that killed Blackbird
| when it proved to be a dead-end and
| recently RIP'd its Courier tablet.
| Microsoft is also the company that has
| dumped several iterations of its mobile
| Windows to experiment with two iterations
| of a new mobile strategy: Kin and Windows
| Phone 7. The two will likely converge over
| time, but Microsoft is placing multiple
| bets.


I Sense a Weakness in the Force

,----[ Quote ]
| All the OEMs have a toe in the water of
| GNU/Linux. That is why M$ cannot raise its
| prices even though they have spent hundreds
| of millions promoting up-selling and
| killing the netbook. The netbook is poised
| to re-emerge with ARM and unencumbered by
| that other OS. Another reason why M$ cannot
| raise prices is because hundreds of
| millions of XP machines are still in use.
| Owners will undergo hundreds of dollars
| each to replace these machines. $150 or so
| for that other OS would be conspicuous
| compared to other options.
| The monopoly is a house of cards about to
| crash down. It is crumbling slowly at the
| moment but any shift in its foundations
| will cause an avalanche. This is over and
| above the cloud-immobility issue. There is
| no monopoly in the cloud. People know what
| happened with M$ having a desktop monopoly.
| They will not be fooled again.


The Next Battle Against Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently I was with Craig Mundie, an
| executive at Microsoft, and I said: "Craig,
| how many servers and data centers do you
| think that our customers would need to set
| up if we didn't exist as a company?" I was
| talking about doing just basic customer
| information or building complex apps. He
| said: "More than 100,000."


Benioff on Microsoft Mobile: 'They're Nowhere'

,----[ Quote ]
| Seattle Times Biz-Tech reporter Sharon Chan
| recently caught Salesforce.com CEO Marc
| Benioffâs session and found him ârolling with
| a Microsoft (News - Alert) rant.â
| As usual, Benioff had opinions and wasnât shy
| about expressing them. âIn the world of
| mobile, which is only behind socialâ in
| importance, Benioff said, Microsoft âare
| nowhere.â


Marc Benioff's mantra: Anything but Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| I think Microsoft is still a dinosaur. More than ever, it tries to hold onto
| its monopolistic position around technology that they hold, whether it's SQL
| Server, whether it's NT, whether it's Windows, whether it's Office--these are
| their cash cows they don't want slaughtered.


Marc Benioff taunts the awakened dinosaurs

,----[ Quote ]
| Following is part of the exchange, where I asked Benioff for his thoughts on
| Microsoft. He has called Microsoft a dinosaur, incapable of innovation, and a
| monopolist.

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