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[News] Apple Gets Tangled in Its Own Patent Mess

  • Subject: [News] Apple Gets Tangled in Its Own Patent Mess
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 20:27:50 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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The war of infringement: Apple vs HTC

,----[ Quote ]
| In this great hullabaloo of rivals accusing 
| each other of infringement of patents, one is 
| only left confused seeing the whoâs who in the 
| arena of smartphones making a claim of the same 
| victimization. A patent is a set of exclusive 
| rights granted by the government to the 
| inventor in exchange for a public disclosure of 
| the invention. The big question is, will this 
| war really see the light of a consensus and 
| settlement?
| Earlier this year in March, Apple  filed a 
| lawsuit against HTC for infringing 20 of its 
| patents related to the iPhoneâs user interface, 
| underlying architecture and hardware. The 
| lawsuit was filed with the U.S. International 
| Trade Commission(ITC) and concurrently in the 
| US District Court in Delaware. Very truly itâs 
| said that âcompetition is healthy, but the 
| rivals should try and yearn to develop their 
| own technology and not steal the existingâ. 
| This lawsuit; itâs said, is the next high 
| profile litigation in the mobile phone business 
| after Nokia and Apple attacking each other in 
| past few months.


ITC Investigating Claims Patent Infringement Against Apple


US trade panel to investigate S3 complaint against Apple

,----[ Quote ]
| The U.S. International Trade Commission 
| (USITC) has launched a formal investigation 
| into four patent complaints filed against 
| Apple by computer graphics hardware maker S3 
| Graphics, which asked the agency to block 
| Apple from importing the iPhone, iPad and 
| other products into the U.S. 


US investigation might impact Iphone 4

,----[ Quote ]
| International Trade Commission (ITC) 
| regarding alleged patent infringements of 
| image processing hardware and related 
| software for its phones, which could include 
| the Iphone 4.



Patent Litigation Weekly: ITC Rolls Out the Welcome Mat for 'Trolls'

,----[ Quote ]
| The International Trade Commission was
| created in 1916 to protect U.S.-based
| companies that made and sold goods within the
| country's borders. In recent years, however,
| the agency's definition of what qualifies as
| "domestic industry" has expanded to the point
| that small patent-holding companies with just
| a handful of employees (Saxon Innovations,
| St. Clair Intellectual Property Consultants)
| and even individual inventors have been
| allowed to proceed with ITC litigation.
| Congress helped expand the ranks of who could
| seek remedies at the ITC in 1988 when it
| amended the "domestic industry" requirement
| to include "licensing" as qualification.
| Patent-holding companies have relied on that
| change ever since to justify their arguments
| that the taxpayer-funded ITC should ban
| imports of certain products on their behalf.
| Of course, in 1988, the patent litigation
| landscape was very different, and patent-
| holding companiesâaka "non-practicing
| entities," or "patent trolls"âin the modern
| sense simply didn't exist.

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