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[News] Apple is Gradually Losing to Linux as hypeHone 4 Has Many Problems

  • Subject: [News] Apple is Gradually Losing to Linux as hypeHone 4 Has Many Problems
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 20:51:54 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Google: Apple Is Making Our Job Easy

,----[ Quote ]
| Probably most notable of his quotes was the 
| following:
|     âWe donât have a plan to beat Apple, 
|     thatâs not how we operate.  Weâre trying 
|     to do something different than Apple and 
|     the good news is that Apple is making 
|     that very easy.â
| The statement, made in reference to the 2.2 
| version of Android being rolled out shortly 
| after the launch of iPhone 4, opens quite a 
| few doors about the inner workings of 
| Google.  For one, as Schmidt is quick to 
| point out, the business models are 
| drastically different between the two 
| companies.


Appleâs app store, filled with âApp farmsâ being used to steal. [Examples]

,----[ Quote ]
| As the story of of iTunes accounts being 
| hacked continues to develop, weâve come 
| across a number of what we would call âApp 
| Farmsâ in iTunes being used to scam users 
| out of their money.


Android vs. iPhone 4 Signal Strength Bars Comparison


Disgruntled fanbois sought for iPhone 4 Apple prosecution

,----[ Quote ]
| A California law firm is trolling for iPhone 
| 4 owners frustrated by flaws in their 
| recently purchased Cupertinian handsets.


Apple gets sued over Iphone 4 antenna blunder


First iPhone 4 Class Action Suit Filed Against Apple and AT&T (Updated)


Apple gets slapped with lawsuit over iPhone 4 reception problems


iPhone 4 antenna issue: The class action lawsuits begin


Leak shows Apple's spin on iPhone 4 flaws 

,----[ Quote ]
| According to documents leaked to Boy Genius 
| Report, AppleCare representatives are being 
| given a strong company line to deliver to 
| unhappy iPhone 4 owners who complain about 
| reception issues.


Nokia makes merry with iPhone death-grip


Nokia jibes at Apple over Iphone 4 issues

,----[ Quote ]
| FINNISH PHONE MAKER Nokia has decided to 
| shame Apple by publishing a blog post in 
| which is discusses how best to hold a mobile 
| phone.
| The post follows complaints that holding an 
| Iphone can reduce call signals and network 
| reception, something that has prompted Steve 
| Jobs to suggest that users try holding their 
| Iphones the 'right' way.


Another problem turns up for the Iphone 4

,----[ Quote ]
| FRUIT LOGO TOYMAKER Apple's Iphone for 
| right-handed people seems to have yet 
| another flaw.
| Apparently coming up with a phone that 
| disconnects you from your provider when you 
| use it in your left hand is not enough. It 
| seems that Apple's geniuses forgot to test 
| the Imovie software.


Some IPhone 4 Cameras Have Yellowing Problem

,----[ Quote ]
| Some iPhone 4 owners have reported color 
| oddities with photos they've taken with the 
| camera on the back of the newly released 
| phone. The iPhone's 5-megapixel camera will 
| take crisp daylight and brightly lit indoor 
| photos that show colors accurately, but then 
| have issues correctly capturing images in 
| low light with, or without, the LED flash.


Bug in iOS4 Exchange ActiveSync hammers servers

,----[ Quote ]
| Bugs in the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) 
| implementation in iOS4 were resulting in 
| significant artificial loads on Exchange 
| servers that they are connected to for push 
| email. As outlined by the Microsoft Exchange 
| Team blog, another symptom of the problem 
| involves email, calendar or contact entries 
| not synching properly.



Apple sued over iPhone 4 reception issues

,----[ Quote ]
| Numerous lawsuits were filed this week against
| Apple, as a number of consumers hope to take
| the company to task over reception issues that
| arise with the new iPhone 4 when the left side
| of the device is covered with a hand.
| At least three class-action complaints were
| filed in California, Maryland, and Texas. The
| largest was filed in a U.S. District Court in
| Oakland, Calif., and has a list of 11
| plaintiffs included in the complaint, residing
| in California and New Jersey. The other two
| each include one plaintiff.

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