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[News] [Rival] Xbox 360 In Its Death Throes, Sales Predicted to be Poor

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Xbox 360 In Its Death Throes, Sales Predicted to be Poor
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 20:53:11 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Is the Xbox 360 In Its Death Throes? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has made it clear that they 
| believe Kinect to be the shot in the arm the 
| Xbox 360 needs to remain relevant for 
| another half-decade. Market research firm 
| DFC Intelligence disagrees, and believes 
| that the Xbox's best days are behind it, and 
| Microsoft has hitched its gaming wagon to an 
| old and dying horse. 


Why Did Microsoft Kill Xbox Live?


Crackdown 2 Soundtrack Confirmed By Microsoft Is Terrible


Microsoft Xbox 360 to Suffer Fall in Sales: DFC 

,----[ Quote ]
| DFC Intelligence, the analysis firm, has 
| estimated that Xbox 360 is likely to lose 
| its demands shortly. In the upcoming months, 
| it is going to lose its market to rivals, 
| added DFC.


Microsoft Xbox 360 Set To Decline Says Analyst Firm

,----[ Quote ]
| Industry Market Analyst DFC Intelligence has 
| issued a note saying that Microsoft's 
| flagship gaming console, the Xbox 360, has 
| already passed its peak and is set to weaken 
| over the next few years.
| The brief, Gamasutra reports, says that 
| Kinect, the newly announced peripheral, will 
| have a neglible impact on the sales of the 
| Xbox before adding that "The Xbox 360 has 
| some good years left, but the platform is 
| clearly on the downside of its lifecycle".


Analyst: Xbox 360 'Clearly On The Downside Of Its Lifecycle'

,----[ Quote ]
| But despite its efforts to move beyond its 
| core gamer demographic, Microsoft will 
| struggle to make its console relevant to the 
| mass market, as the Xbox 360 moves into its 
| fifth year, according to one analyst.


Has the Xbox 360 hit the "downside" of its lifecycle?

,----[ Quote ]
| DFC Intelligence believes the Xbox 360 may 
| have "some" good years left, but estimates 
| the console is on the "downside" of its 
| lifecycle - despite the advent of 
| Microsoft's Kinect platform.


Kinect will struggle to hit mass market

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft may struggle to take the Xbox 360 
| to the mass market level and it's likely 
| that Kinect, the new Xbox controller, may 
| have a "negligible impact" - that's 
| according to market analysts DFC 
| Intelligence.


Microsoft Kinect Pre-orders Disappointing?

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft might have made a major mistake by 
| pricing the Microsoft Kinect as high as 
| $149, a price that means that the peripheral 
| could well carry a suggested retail price of 
| around Â129.99 in the UK.
| [...]
| He added that pre-orders, at least for 
| Shopto, are currently very low.


High Kinect Price Leads To Low Pre-Orders

,----[ Quote ]
| The Kinect has garnered mixed reviews since 
| it was fully unveiled at E3. Fudzilla 
| reports that the biggest issue the motion-
| capture peripheral faces may be due to its 
| high price tag. The Kinect is set to retail 
| for $149, although Microsoft is adamant that 
| the price could change before launch.


Kinect tech specs reveal 2-player limit? - Retail Radar


Kinect's Lack of Price a Concern for THQ


Kinect will struggle to hit mass market

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft may struggle to take the Xbox 360 
| to the mass market level and it's likely 
| that Kinect, the new Xbox controller, may 
| have a "negligible impact" - that's 
| according to market analysts DFC 
| Intelligence.


Molyneux says Milo tech 'does work' and is still set for release

,----[ Quote ]
| Conflicting reports from Microsoft PR


Does GameStop Promote Microsoft Over Sony?

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is into giving gifts. Just ask 
| anyone who goes to any trade shows or anyone 
| who has worked for a GameStop or EB in the 
| past decade or so. I was working at an EB 
| when the first Xbox launched and to help 
| promote it, Microsoft reps handed a ton of 
| goodies to EB managers and assistant 
| managers at the annual company meeting. Just 
| recently, when I was down to GameStop, the 
| employees were talking about their upcoming 
| meeting in July, and they all fully expect 
| to get preferential treatment from the big 
| M$.


Bribing of journalists pays off?


Microsoft: Anything Sony can do, We can too! 


Halo says goodbye to Microsoft:

Microsoft Creating New Studio to Take the Halo Helm



New Xbox 360 Shuts Down to Prevent Red Ring of Death


New XBox 360 Adds Long-Overdue Thermal Monitoring


New Xbox 360 Elite console problems - Red Ring of Death RROD issue (VIDEO)

,----[ Quote ]
| Many video game users are eager to get
| their hands on the brand new Xbox 360
| system and the upcoming Microsoft Kinect.
| However, it appears that the old Xbox 360
| Red ring of death aka "RROD" has shown its
| ugly self already, and just days after some
| owners have plugged in their new consoles!


Xbox 360 red rings of death replaced with red eye of doom


Xbox 360 Slim - "Red Eye" replaces "Red Ring of Death"


Xbox 360 3 Red Lights


Hey Microsoft, what am I supposed to do with all these Xbox 360 faceplates now?


Is Microsoft Kinect Already A Failure?


The Problem with Kinect and Motion Controls


Microsoftâs Shady Kinect Pricing: What Gives?


Playing Catch-Up With Wii

,----[ Quote ]
| The current generation of consoles were
| launched at the annual E3 show in 2005. And
| at this yearâs E3, they didnât showcase any
| completely new ideas. Instead, they
| designed new features and peripherals to
| extend the old modelâs lives and broaden
| their appeal.


Square Says âNoâ to Xbox 360 Version of FFXIV


Square Enix To Allow Free Trading: Is This The Reason That 360 Has Had Its Final Fantasy?


MMOs Say No To 360: Devs Cite Microsoft Subscription Fee Cut Demands

,----[ Quote ]
| Wondering why Square Enixâs Final Fantasy
| XIV isnât coming to Xbox 360, or why
| Cryptic canceled the release of their own
| MMO, Champions Online, for the Microsoft
| console? The answer might be as simple as
| money.


Nintendo Wii Continues Outplaying Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation


The Red Brick Of Death (New Xbox 360 Already 'RROD')


Kinect Unfairly Compared To...A Sofa

,----[ Quote ]
| For snots and giggles, this comparison between
| a sofa and Microsoft's Kinect has appeared on
| the internet. Just because Kinect apparently
| doesn't play nice with couch potatoes, that
| doesn't mean it cannot be compared to couches.


Sony Has Open Net as Kinect Fails to Impress

,----[ Quote ]
| According to reports, the Kinect
| presentation began with all attendees
| having to put on white robes followed by
| an odd Circe de Soleil-type presentation
| and then finally followed by gameplay.


Microsoftâs Kinect for Xbox 360: Why it will fail

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier this week we learned that
| Microsoft renamed its Project Natal for
| the Xbox 360 â Kinect. This is their
| latest attack against Nintendo and Sony to
| stay ahead of the game â as they have such
| high hopes for their motion controlled
| gaming technology. However, John C. Dvorak
| from PC Mag believes that it will fail â
| judging by the comments he is the only one
| who thinks that.


Microsoft Kinect E3: Something is Wrong

,----[ Quote ]
| After examining and trying camera Kinect
| introduced by Microsoft, I came to the
| conclusion that it is designed for women,
| kids, the whole families â but not for
| men. Now Iâll explain why.


At E3, Nintendo shows it gets what Microsoft, Sony donât

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoftâs Xbox division is really,
| really proud of its new motion-control
| tech, Kinect, but are not entirely
| convinced the future of gaming will
| consist of people standing in front of toy
| cameras and dancing for points. In case
| that doesnât go exactly as expected
| (cough) they have a plan B: milk those hit
| franchise sequels!


Microsoft Removes Red Ring from New Xbox 360


New Xbox 360 won't red-ring even if it wants to


Xbox 360 slim can't red-ring by design

,----[ Quote ]
| The absolute impossibility of the red ring
| isn't by virtue of the console being
| failure-proof--that has yet to be
| determined. It's because the new console has
| no red LEDs at all. According to a spec
| sheet obtained by gaming blog Joystiq, the
| new console has only green LEDs in the ring
| on its front.


Microsoft fixes Xbox RROD... by removing the red light

,----[ Quote ]
| One interesting factoid is the decision to
| remove the red lights from the console.
| Effectively making it incapable of showing
| the dreaded 'red ring of death' should your
| new slim Xbox 360 decide to overheat and
| crap out on you.


New Xbox 360 said to 'still scratch discs'

,----[ Quote ]
| The crucial point here is that the Xbox
| currently - and will presumably continue to
| - come with a sticker warning punters not to
| move the machine while a disc is spinning.
| Microsoft acknowledged the problem in 2008,
| but so few folk feel the need to knock their
| consoles around while playing games that the
| issue has affected a relatively small number
| of people.


Is Microsoft's Xbox 360 Slim Press Giveaway a Bribe?

,----[ Quote ]
| It just seemed so very strange, watching
| everyone clapping, cheering, leaping out of
| their seats, as if we were all on Oprah, and
| she'd just announced that everyone in the
| viewing audience was getting a brand new
| car. Except this wasn't Oprah, and we
| weren't the "viewing audience." We were
| there to absorb and critique Microsoft's
| announcements and claims.  Is this where
| we're headed? Game shows with prize
| giveaways?


Survey Indicates 42% of All 360 Owners Have Console Problems

,----[ Quote ]
| It's a sight Xbox 360 gamers dread: the power
| button glowing with three red rings. According
| to the largest survey of its kind, we now know
| how prevalent the RROD and other hardware
| problems are: 42% of all 360 owners have had
| their consoles repaired or replaced.


Microsoft Cuts XBOX Live From Original XBOX Console


Microsoft To Pull The Plug On Xbox Live For The Original Xbox Tonight


Xbox 360 Coffin is a Final Resting Place After RRoD

,----[ Quote ]
| These days Microsoft is no longer shipping
| gamers who have a dead Xbox 360 a postage-
| paid cardboard packing box (affectionately
| called the "coffin") for the return of the
| console. While Microsoft still pays for
| shipping both ways, it's up to the console
| owner to provide the packing materials for
| the trip back to the repair center.


Which Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix To Choose - Microsoft or DIY Repair?


Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix - Looking For Microsoft Repair Center Phone Number?


Need Your Refurbished Xbox 360 Expedited? Call This Number


Microsoft Responds To Recent Xbox Live Drama


Hard luck with Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Many in the gaming community are familiar with
| a common pitfall of the Xbox 360. Gamers know
| the syndrome simply as âthe red rings of
| death.â The issue is common and easily
| remedied, and is a problem that the newest
| generations of Xbox 360s are supposedly free
| of.
| So I rested easy after purchasing my 360
| Arcade and a 20-gigabyte hard drive last
| winter, knowing that the folks at Microsoft
| had eliminated this frustrating problem.
| Much to my dismay, I recently powered-on my
| system and was greeted with a distressing
| noise. I waited and waited but the system
| never advanced past the logo screen. After 5
| minutes of troubleshooting, the screen flashed
| to black with the words âerror 67â emblazoned
| near the bottom.
| Shit, I thought. Red rings of death I can deal
| with, but what is this âerror 67?â This
| experience would lead me to verify what I had
| long suspected: Microsoft isnât as keen on
| satisfying their customers as they may appear
| to be.


Microsoft Losing its Fame

,----[ Quote ]
| Players face a lot of technical errors.
| Microsoft must offer some kind of substitutes
| for their products when they simply stop
| working. Red ring errors can be solved but
| technical errors like âerror 67â is difficult
| to tackle.


Microsoft restricting Xbox 360 units from Army because the sale wouldnât give them enough money?

,----[ Quote ]
| Argue if you want, but the Xbox 360 with itâs
| cheap hardware, massive online gameplay and
| options for scenarios, and rather robust
| library of war games means itâs a pretty good
| fit as a training tool for the fine men and
| women training our country. Common sense also
| makes a might appearance. Itâs simple
| actually. Why should the Army spend upwards of
| $1,000 on training computers for each and ever
| soldier if an Xbox 360 can be had for
| significantly less and be used for multiple
| soldiers? Itâs basic math.


PS3 Better Serves Publishers Than 360, says Sony


Sony Bashes Microsoft's "Check Writing" Policy Again

,----[ Quote ]
| Sony's PR strategy in the console war seems to
| be to point out that Microsoft is a devilish,
| top hat-wearing fat cat lording over the
| population with its giant dollar-sign labeled
| sacks of cash.
| Back in April, Sony bashed Microsoft for
| purchasing most of its exclusive titles rather
| than creating them, and with the recent
| release of Mass Effect 2 has gone back to
| those same tactics. Rob Dyer, SCEA Senior Vice
| President of Publisher Relations, told
| IndustryGamers that Sony "counters" Xbox 360
| exclusives with its own first-party games,
| which Microsoft simply has no answer to.


Microsoft Sued Over Xbox Live Points


Microsoft Hit with Class Action Over XBox Points


R.I.P., Halo 2 on Xbox Live

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft early this morning delivered some
| bad news to holdouts continuing to use its
| Xbox Live online gaming service to play games
| originally created for its first Xbox. As of
| April 15, the company is discontinuing Xbox
| Live for the original Xbox, according to the
| post by Xbox Live GM Marc Whitten (via
| VentureBeat).


What Microsoft giveth the Microsoft taketh away? â Xbox Live & Zune issues?

,----[ Quote ]
| Now it appears that as of April 15th 2010,
| fans of old Xbox titles such as Halo 2 will no
| longer be able to play them on Xbox live
| market place. Microsoft (as usual) reports
| this news as if its a good thing (and unless I
| am mistaken Halo 2 is still loved by many)


Microsoft Points Draw Class Action Suit

,----[ Quote ]
| A Philadelphia-area attorney has filed a
| class action suit against Microsoft, claiming
| the software maker ripped him off after he
| bought points that were supposed to allow him
| to make purchases over the online Xbox Live
| Marketplace.
| Samuel Lassoff, of Horsham, PA, said an
| invoice he received earlier this month from
| Microsoft included charges for purchases he
| couldn't complete due to a balky download
| systemâand he claimed it wasn't an accident.


Microsoft, Stop Charging For Other Companiesâ Content On Xbox

,----[ Quote ]
| If your subscription is paid, you can watch
| Netflix for free on your computer, your Blu-
| ray player, your PS3, and soon, your Wii â
| but not on the Xbox 360. Microsoft, itâs time
| to kill the Xbox internet tax


Microsoft may drop points system from Xbox; Zune too?


Microsoft Points Were Never Meant To "Mislead People"


Microsoft Apologises For Points System, May Move To Real Money


box 360 sales tepid, stable in Japan

,----[ Quote ]
| Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that the
| Xbox 360 sold 8,965 units between Dec. 14 and
| Dec. 20 to rank No. 7 in overall hardware
| sales.

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