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[News] [Rival] Gates Foundation Pays Web Sites That Praise It, Starts Advertising Blitz to Change schools

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Gates Foundation Pays Web Sites That Praise It, Starts Advertising Blitz to Change schools
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 21:21:59 +0100
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Gates Foundation quadruples Crosscut grant

,----[ Quote ]
| This month, the Gates Foundation posted a 
| $400,000 grant to Seattle news and opinion 
| blog Crosscut, which late last year 
| received $100,000 from the worldâs largest 
| foundation.


Wanted: Ad firm to tout Memphis City Schools Gates Foundation Grant

,----[ Quote ]
| PR effort seeks to recruit top teachers, 
| attract private funds
| Just about the time the leaves begin 
| changing color this fall, Memphis City 
| Schools itself expects to roll out a more 
| colorful and nuanced image.
| The district plans to spend about $200,000 
| on professionally designed TV ads, social-
| media campaigns and print advertising as it 
| pushes to recruit high-quality teachers, 
| retain the ones it has and pump up a 
| community fund drive scheduled to raise 
| $21.3 million by the end of the year -- a 
| task the district took on when it received 
| a $90 million grant from the Bill & Melinda 
| Gates Foundation.


Lobbying to change schools after all the advertising:

Small Schools

,----[ Quote ]
| School reform advocates are rightly excited 
| about a persuasive new study showing that 
| New York Cityâs small, specialized high 
| schools are outperforming larger, more 
| traditional schools, significantly 
| narrowing the graduation-rate gap that 
| currently exists between white and minority 
| students across the city.
| [...]
| The study, done by MDRC, a nonpartisan 
| research group and paid for by the Bill and 
| Melinda Gates Foundation, focused on about 
| 21,000 students. Nearly half attended the 
| small schools focused on in the study, and 
| the rest attended schools that were mainly 
| larger and older. 


Bill Gates touts charter schools, accountability

,----[ Quote ]
| Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates 
| said Tuesday that charter schools can 
| revolutionize education, but that the 
| charter school movement also must hold 
| itself accountable for low-performing 
| schools.


With goal of newer, better teaching, charter schools have spread across Texas

,----[ Quote ]
| The forces include strong local political 
| support, backing from philanthropic giants 
| like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 
| ambitious charter school management groups, 
| private investors, fed-up urban parents â 
| and even President Barack Obama. 


          "In the fall of 1982, Pam Edstrom [of Waggener Edstrom], a
diminutive woman with piercing blue eyes, was recruited by
Microsoft. [...] In modern-day business, flacks were responsible
 not only for avoiding bad press, but for spinning the good. [...]
 Hanson and Edstrom would spin a whole new image for Gates himself.
They would tap the best and worst of Chairman Bill, changing his
clothes, his voice, and his allegiances, driving him to become not
just the boss, but, essentially, the company mascotâa sort of
high-technology Colonel Sanders."

        --Pam's daughter


Gates Foundation expands global work with Weber Shandwick

,----[ Quote ]
| The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
| expanded its work with Weber Shandwick,
| awarding the firm its global
| communications business after a
| competitive bid.
| The firm began work on the account June 1.
| Melissa Milburn, deputy director of media
| relations for the foundation, said by e-
| mail that Weber Shandwick was selected
| because of the firm's "global reach."


Gates Foundation public relations working overtime

,----[ Quote ]
| Here is an informercial on smart global
| health. The public relations people at the
| Gates Foundation are working overtime these
| days.


Three agencies vie for Gates Foundation global PR business

,----[ Quote ]
| The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has
| shortlisted three agencies to pitch for its
| extensive global PR activity.
| Weber Shandwick, Waggener Edstrom and Hill &
| Knowlton are all taking part in the final
| round of the review, according to the
| organisationâs deputy director of media
| relations, Melissa Milburn.
| It is further understood that Edelman took
| part in the initial phase of the review.
| Milburn confirmed that the search for a new
| agency of record is underway.


Three Agencies vie for Gates Foundation Global PR Business


Microsoft decision puts public libraries at risk


Microsoft Made Choices, Libraries Must Respond

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the program was part of a project by the
| Gates Foundation, ostensibly with primary usage
| aimed at these libraries, it makes one wonder
| what the folks at Microsoft are thinking.
| My first opinion, and one I believe Iâll stick
| with, is that there is absolutely no need to
| update to Windows 7, for as the saying goes âif
| it isnât broken, donât fix itâ. Though the
| talking heads at Microsoft would have you
| believe that Windows 7 is worlds better than
| Windows XP, that is far from true. If there are
| any small differences in security, they can be
| fully mitigated with a simple change of
| browser, firewall, and antivirus/antimalware
| programs.
| [...]
| SteadyState is descended from the Public Access
| Computer security software developed in the
| early 2000s by the Bill and Melinda Gates
| Foundation. It was part of the foundationâs
| ongoing drive to put computers into schools and
| libraries.
| In 2005, Microsoft picked up the torch with the
| release of the Shared Computer Toolkit and then
| followed with SteadyState in 2007 for Windows
| XP.
| Ironically, news of Microsoftâs decision not to
| support SteadyState in Windows 7 arrived in the
| same month as a Gates Foundationâfunded,
| University of Washington study, which reported
| that some 77 million Americans used a library
| computer or Wi-Fi network to access the
| Internet last year.
| [...]
| Not only is the Gates Foundation supposed to be
| sensitive to this, Microsoft, working in its
| own best interest, should see the immediate
| need to do something, or else, some
| enterprising person will come along and show
| many libraries the benefits of a little jewel
| called Linux.
| Letâs face it, for what people do on computers
| at the library, Linux, specifically Ubuntu or
| OpenSuSE would work very well, and be very
| easily administered by the right person. SO
| each library district may have to pay for that
| right person, in the long run it saves
| thousands, if not millions of dollars in
| bypassing the Microsoft trough, and forced cash
| removals every 3-4 years.


"Microsoft decision puts public libraries at risk"

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, where some see a Microsoft
| blunder, others see a Linux opportunity.
| There are lots of ways to solve this problem
| under Linux, but none of the ones I can think
| of offhand are easy or automatic:
| 1. You can run your shared-access PC from a
| Linux "Live CD." It's impossible to corrupt
| the operating system, and you can get a clean
| start with every reset. Disadvantage: live
| CDs are slow; also ties up the CD-ROM drive.
| [...]

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