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[News] HP Makes Dumping of Vista 7 (From Tablets) Official, Linux the Victor

  • Subject: [News] HP Makes Dumping of Vista 7 (From Tablets) Official, Linux the Victor
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 21:27:10 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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HP Closes Palm Deal, Hints At Ditching Windows 7 For WebOS

,----[ Quote ]
| Hewlett-Packard completed its acquisition of 
| Palm this week and gave a hint that it could 
| be ditching Microsoftâs Windows 7 Home Premium 
| operating system for Palmâs webOS platform in 
| the upcoming HP Slate tablet PC. 


Surprise! HP Reveals Plans for WebOS Tablet

,----[ Quote ]
| HP has officially completed the acquisition of 
| Palm, making it the proud owner of Palm's 
| coveted intellectual property including WebOS. 
| It is hardly a surprise that before the ink 
| was even dry on finalizing the purchase, HP 
| announced its intent to build an array of 
| mobile devices around the WebOS platform--
| including the predicted WebOS tablet.


HP's Confirmation of WebOS on Tablets Raises Microsoft Question



Open Ballot: are you excited by HP's Slate?


Sony hints at tablet computer device

,----[ Quote ]
| Other mainstay computer manufacturers also
| preparing to unleash tablet devices upon
| the masses include the likes of Acer,
| ASUS, MSI and Dell.


HP To Use WebOS in Printers, Tablets and Smartphones

,----[ Quote ]
| HP, whose $1.2 billion purchase of Palm
| will be completed on 31 July, has
| indicated it could use the WebOS software
| to power its internet-connected printers
| and slate computers, leading to
| speculation that the rumours of a
| 'Hurricane' tablet PC are true.


HP Set to Launch webOS Extravaganza With Tablets, Printers, and More


HP CEO Hurd Sees Palm WebOS in Printers, Other Devices


HP wants Palm OS for Web-connected printers, Hurd says


HP Wants to Bring webOS to Printers

,----[ Quote ]
| When HP discussed expanding webOS, this
| probably isn't what Palm had in mind.


HP CEO: Expect WebOS Tablets and ... Printers?


HP will flog pico projectors


WebOS headed to a tablet by October

,----[ Quote ]
| What's still unclear is whether HP is
| still planning a Slate with Windows 7. HP
| has declined to comment Friday on the
| current status of the product. HP
| introduced the Windows 7 Slate on stage
| during Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's
| keynote at CES in January, but since the
| news of the Palm acquisition hit the
| company has been mum on its future. HP
| also declined to comment on a recent
| report quoting unnamed sources that the
| company was killing the Windows 7 Slate.


Microsoft's place uncertain as computing market shifts

,----[ Quote ]
| Days after reports surfaced last month
| that Hewlett-Packard Co. was reconsidering
| the use of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 7
| software in a forthcoming tablet device,
| H-P made a curiously timed hiring
| announcement.
| [...]
| H-P declined to make Veghte available to
| comment for this story. He won't
| officially begin work at the company until
| May 17.
| Microsoft spokesman Bill Cox declined to
| comment on the company's relations with H-
| P and other computer makers. Cox noted
| that the tablet market remains relatively
| small, while Microsoft has already sold
| over 100 million Windows 7 licenses
| following its October release.


Microsoft May Have To Fight For Place On Tablets

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