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Re: [News] Chrome Gains in Web Browsers Space

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____/ Lusotec on Wednesday 07 Jul 2010 19:29 : \____

> Tattoo Vampire wrote:
>> I've been using Chrome quite a bit lately under Windoze and Linux. It's
>> definitely faster (to me anyhow) than Firefox. And the extensions library
>> is growing. A lot of them are somewhat primitive compared to those for
>> Firefox, but no doubt they'll catch up.
> Compared to Firefox extensions, Chrome extensions are very limited in what
> they can do. This has advantages and disadvantages.
> The main advantage for Chrome (and disadvantage for Firefox) is increased
> security. A Firefox extension can do what any other native program can. This
> gives Firefox extensions enormous potential but has security consequences.
> With Firefox extensions, the only limitation is the developers imagination.
> This as resulted in some very impressive extensions.
> Chrome extensions are far more limited in their access to the system. They
> are very much like regular web pages with some integration in to the
> browser. This increases security but greatly decreases the freedom developer
> have in creating extensions.
> Regards.

Mozilla audits extensions and sends them over https like a repo. That oughtn't be a problem.

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