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[News] Patients Are Crazy About GNU/Linux

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87% of Patients in Mental Hospitals used Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the figures, 87% of computer 
| using patients in Mental hospitals used 
| linux as their main operating system. 
| According to the mental health 
| professionals, the mental collapse is 
| caused by the overwhelming strain of 
| installing and using Linux. This OS forces 
| a person's brain to short circuit. The 
| deeper they go with the OS, the more they 
| become catatonic. They first begin to 
| exhibit signs of helplessness, suffer 
| depression symptoms as the operating 
| system pushes them to the limit, and every 
| step of the way they find themselves 
| unable to grasp the terminology used and 
| this undermines their self esteem and 
| importance as a person.



PatientOS Open Source EMR "Falchion" Released.

,----[ Quote ]
| PatientOS EMR is an open source health care
| information system with a comprehensive
| toolkit to customize the EMR to meet the needs
| of Hospitals, Clinics and Businesses seeking
| to integrate an EMR with their software.
| This latest release includes a new AJAX web
| client for end users to access the clinical
| documentation through the browser.  PatientOS
| Inc. worked closely with the Ila Trust
| foundation to create a light weight
| application which can meet the needs of seeing
| hundreds of patients per session.

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