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[News] New Font From Ubuntu GNU/Linux

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First look: new Ubuntu font boosts Linux typography

,----[ Quote ]
| When Canonical unveiled Ubuntu's branding 
| overhaul and new desktop theme earlier 
| this year, the company also revealed that 
| it had commissioned well-known type 
| foundry Dalton Maag to design a new font 
| specifically for Ubuntu. The font will 
| likely be used by default in Ubuntu 10.10, 
| which is scheduled for release in October.
| Today Canonical launched a closed beta for 
| the new font, making it available to 
| testers and Ubuntu contributors. I tested 
| it on my desktop computer, running Ubuntu 
| 10.04.| After installing the package, I enabled it 
| in the GNOME appearance preference dialog. 
| It matches the new Ubuntu logo font, but 
| it's designed for optimal screen 
| readability. It looks very smooth on my 
| LCD monitors and is very easy on the eyes. 
| I think it's a big improvement over 
| Bitstream Vera Sans, the font that 
| currently ships by default in Ubuntu.


The Ubuntu Font


New Ubuntu Fonts â No You Cannot Use Them Yet!

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical Design has introduced new Ubuntu 
| fonts which will be used in the next 
| release, Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. 
| The new fonts will not be available to 
| everyone, though, as it has been released 
| as a private beta. Only Ubuntu Members are 
| allowed access to the new font through a 
| private PPA. The fonts will be released as 
| a public beta on 8th August. So if you are 
| not an Ubuntu Member, you have to wait 
| till then.


Dear Canonical 

,----[ Quote ]
| This âclosed fonts betaâ thing was a big 
| PR mistake.
| Itâs not enough for you to push a 
| proprietary font into Ubuntu in the 
| default install. No, you canât even 
| release it publicly. You just had to 
| release it as a closed-doors, âmembers-
| onlyâ beta.


Ubuntu font: what the glyph! 

,----[ Quote ]
| Having read some of the comments and bugs 
| I thought it might be useful to add some 
| clarification on a couple of terms.


Finding Free Fonts for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| You should be able to find the Liberation 
| fonts on most distributions, though they 
| may not be installed by default. Search 
| for Liberation in your favorite package 
| tool, and you should find a package with 
| all three or separate packages for each. 
| On Ubuntu 10.04, for instance, you'll have 
| the ttf-liberation package. Actually, if 
| you do a search for ttf, you'll see a 
| number of fonts you can grab from the 
| Ubuntu archives.
| But the open font movement, if can be 
| called such, has progressed beyond Red 
| Hat's triple header of Freedom. Check out 
| the Free Font Manifesto, for example. It 
| links to a number of fonts that have 
| licenses that allow redistribution and 
| modification, as well as a manifesto about 
| free fonts. Check out the blog as well if 
| the free font issue is important to you.



Ubuntu and Fonts

,----[ Quote ]
| In this short tutorial i discuss some handy fonts related tips that could 
| improve user's desktop experience . The tips include installing Microsoft 
| True type fonts enabling one to render documents and web pages created in 
| Microsoft Windows properly in Ubuntu Linux, Installing a set of cool looking 
| fonts released by RedHat - Liberation fonts package , making fonts look good 
| on your LCD Display by turning on subpixel smoothing , installing some cool 
| and free fonts on your Ubuntu Desktop and finally how to install any font if 
| you have it's ttf file .        



Liberation Fonts

,----[ Quote ]
| The first release is a set of fully usable fonts, but they will
| lack the fully hinting capability (hinting adjusts font pixelization 
| so that the fonts render with high quality at large and small sizes)
| provided by TrueType/FreeType technology. That release is now ready.
| The second release will provide full hinting of the fonts, and that
| release will be available by the end of the calendar year.


Checking out the new Open Font Library

,----[ Quote ]
| Up until the last few years, typefaces were a neglected aspect in
| FOSS. However, the increased popularity of the GNU/Linux desktop and
| the emergence of software for designers is changing that. "The whole
| vectorization of the desktop with Inkscape is really doing a
| beautification of the desktop," Phillips says. In such an atmosphere,
| the OFL looks like an idea whose time has come.


Visual comparison of major OS's font rendering

,----[ Quote ]
| ...Linux's myth of bad font rendering is finally over.


Microsoft's forgotten [fonts] monopoly


3 Examples of Bad Microsoft Word Typography

,----[ Quote ]
| From the makers of Arial, here are three examples of bad typography in 
| Microsoft Word. Bad typesetting in Word finds its way into rÃsumÃs, business 
| plans, research papers, government documents, even published books. These 
| small inconsistencies and imperfections may be un-noticible in small doses,  
| but paragraph-after-paragraph they stack upâresulting in ugly, 
| visually-incohesive documents. Word isnât for professional typography work, 
| but thatâs no excuse for these typography sins.     


Open source fonts

,----[ Quote ]
| If youâve ever gone looking for legitimately free fonts, youâve probably 
| found that there are a lot of really bad ones. But thereâs also a lot of 
| discussion out there about âopen source fonts.â  
| Some who post about open source fonts are really just talking about 
| free-as-in-beer typefaces. Some, however, have embraced the open source 
| philosophy as applied to typography.   


Liberation Fonts Installation Script

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