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[News] Latest Examples of "Open Data" Victories

  • Subject: [News] Latest Examples of "Open Data" Victories
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 13:58:18 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Opening up European public sector information: two recommendations

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week I participated in the third (and 
| sadly final!) conference of Communia 
| project, a European thematic network on 
| the digital public domain. The theme of 
| this conference was University and 
| Cyberspace and several of the talks 
| articulated a vision in which 
| universities, academics, and students play 
| a key role in creating, curating and 
| promoting the digital commons.


When Open Public Data Isnâtâ?

,----[ Quote ]
| As these examples show, the license under 
| which data is originally released can have 
| significant consequences on its downstream 
| use and commercialisation. The open source 
| software community has know this for 
| years, of course, which is why 
| organisations like GNU have two different 
| licenses â GPL, which keeps software open 
| by tainting other software that includes 
| GPL libraries, and LGPL, which allows 
| libraries to be used in closed/proprietary 
| code. There is a good argument that by 
| combining data from different open sources 
| in a particular way valuable results may 
| be created, but it should also be 
| recognised that work may be expended doing 
| this and a financial return may need to be 
| generated (so maybe companies shouldnât 
| have to open up their aggregated 
| datasets?) Just how we balance commercial 
| exploitation with ongoing openness and 
| access to raw public data is yet to be 
| seen.
| (The academic research area â which also 
| has itâs own open data movement (e.g. 
| Panton Principles) â also suggests a 
| different sort of tension arising from the 
| âpotential valueâ of a data set or 
| aggregated data set. For example, research 
| groups analysing data in one particular 
| way may be loathe to release to others 
| because they want to analyse it in 
| another, value creating way at a later 
| date.)


Update on the local spending data scandalâ the empire strikes back

,----[ Quote ]
| My blog post on Friday about the local 
| spending information, the open data that 
| isnât, and the agreements that some 
| councils seem to have struck with Spikes 
| Cavell raised a flurry of tweets, emails, 
| and a reassuringly fast response from the 
| governmentâs Transparency Board.
| It also, Iâm told, generated a huge number 
| of emails among the main protagonists â 
| local and central government bureaucrats 
| and private companies, who spent much of 
| Friday and the weekend shoring up their 
| position and planning counter attacks 
| against those working for open data, and 
| thus threatening the status quo.


The internet age will help end the town hall 'non-job'

,----[ Quote ]
| The new Government will be working with 
| local government not only to put online 
| information on spending, tenders and 
| contracts over Â500, but also to publish 
| job vacancies online, in an open and 
| standardised format, for anyone to use, 
| re-publish and 'mash up' without charge. 
| There will be no public sector monopoly - 
| the jobs data can be used by anyone, from 
| commercial recruitment, newspapers to 
| pressure groups.


The Business of Open Data

,----[ Quote ]
| The following guest post is from Hjalmar 
| Gislason, an open data activist, member of 
| the Open Knowledge Foundationâs Working 
| Group on EU Open Data, and founder of 
| structured data start-up, DataMarket.


The open spending data that isnât

,----[ Quote ]
| Secretary of State for Communities & Local 
| Government Eric Pickles followed this up 
| with a letter to councils saying, âI donât 
| expect everyone to do it right first time, 
| but I do expect everyone to do it.â Great. 
| Raw Data Now, in the words of Tim-Berners 
| Lee.
| Now, however, with barely the ink dry, the 
| reality is looking not just a bit messy, a 
| bit of a first attempt (which would be 
| fine and understandable given the 
| timescale), but Not Open At All.



Open Data Definition at OSCON

,----[ Quote ]
| Safe enough to say that the OSD has been
| quite successful in laying out a set of
| criteria for what is, and what is not,
| Open Source. We should adopt a definition
| Open Data, even if it means merely
| endorsing an existing one.


Data is not binary

,----[ Quote ]
| Why open data requires credibility and
| transparency.

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