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[News] Microsoft Partly Responsible for Sabotaging Open Source Bill in Philippines

  • Subject: [News] Microsoft Partly Responsible for Sabotaging Open Source Bill in Philippines
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 14:54:06 +0100
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Get online, Philippines!

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier that day, during the Usaping Balita 
| Media Forum at Serye Restaurant and Cafe with 
| Ms. Toni Torres in the panel, Bayan Muna 
| Partylist Rep.Teodoro CasiÃo, reiterated that 
| there is a need for a law directing ICT. It 
| should remembered that, as early as 2006, the 
| said author of Free and Open Source Software 
| Act, had been seeking the creation of an 
| attached agency under the CICT to oversee the 
| agenciesâ migration to open source, 
| especially in government and education. But 
| the billâs biggest hurdle is the lack of 
| awareness on open source, aside from 
| Microsoftâs opposition. On the other hand, 
| National Solid Waste Management executive 
| director Emelita Aguinaldo echoed what she 
| presented during the Asian Development Bank 
| Urban Day 2008: âThe truth is that we lack 
| proper segregation of recyclable/recoverable 
| waste material at source resulting to low 
| recycling ratio and low quality of recyclable 
| materials. Technological and financial 
| capacity of the domestic recycling industry 
| is limited. No outflow of recyclables to 
| international big market such as China. We 
| are dependent on the collecting and trading 
| of recyclable/recoverable materials upon 
| price fluctuation based on market mechanism 
| and unstable domestic supply of recyclables. 
| There is fragmented information and network 
| for optimizing the flow of 
| recyclable/recoverable materials from 
| generators to the final users.â


"But why the obsession with Microsoft???"

Maybe it's because Microsoft is obsessed with attacking software freedom.


Red Hat Sues Switzerland Over Microsoft Monopoly

,----[ Quote ]
| Â8 million a year to Microsoft, with no public bidding. And that's just the
| tip of the iceberg, say open source activists
| Linux vendor Red Hat, and 17 other vendors, have protested a Swiss government
| contract given to Microsoft without any public bidding. The move exposes a
| wider Microsoft monopoly that European governments accept, despite their lip
| service for open source, according to commentators.
| The Red Hat group has asked a Swiss federal court to overturn a three-year
| contract issued to Microsoft by the Swiss Federal Bureau for Building and
| Logistics, to provide Windows desktops and applications, with support and
| maintenance, for 14 million Swiss Franc (Â8 million) each year. The contract,
| for "standardised workstations", was issued with no public bidding process,
| Red Hat's legal team reports in a blog - because the Swiss agency asserted
| there was no sufficient alternative to Microsoft products.

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