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[News] Unappealing SCO Appeals

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SCO appeals against Stewart ruling

,----[ Quote ]
| Just a few days before its own liquidation 
| hearings, The SCO Group has lodged an 
| appeal against the judgement that pulled 
| the rug out from under the company's 
| numerous ongoing legal battles. Groklaw 
| reports that SCO now plans to appeal the 
| judgement handed down by judge Ted 
| Stewart. Stewart upheld a jury verdict 
| made after oral hearings that Novell had 
| retained the copyright to Unix when it 
| sold its Unix business to The SCO Group 
| (at the time operating as The Santa Cruz 
| Operation). Stewart also rejected SCO's 
| application to have the case reheard.


SCO Appeals. Yes. Them Again.

,----[ Quote ]
| They're appealing everything, in short, or 
| they'd like a new trial. Because three 
| trials isn't enough when you're not having 
| fun. Speaking of which, I confess. I'm so 
| sick of SCO I could spit.


Bankruptcy Omnibus Hearing for July 12th Cancelled - What Else Is New?

,----[ Quote ]
| SCO has cancelled the bankruptcy hearing that 
| was supposed to happen on the 12th...



What Did Microsoft Know About SCO's Plans and When Did It Know It?

,----[ Quote ]
| What did Microsoft know about SCO's plan to
| attack Linux, and when did it know it? And
| was it a force behind it?
| [...]
| But now, thanks to a volunteer working on
| doing the exhibits in the Comes v.
| Microsoft antitrust litigation as text, we
| find an email thread in Exhibit 8953 [PDF]
| where Microsoft employees, including the
| managing director of Microsoft in India at
| the time, mention SCO in a discussion about
| heading off the Linux threat in India. The
| emails are dated September 11, 2002. Given
| the date, I believe this opens up the
| question of Microsoft's involvement once
| again. At a minimum, it needs
| clarification. If it doesn't demonstrate
| Microsoft knowing about SCO's plans before
| they unfurled, what does it mean? I'd like
| Microsoft to tell us. Because I have a lot
| of questions about the email thread.
| [...]
| If you recall, EDGI  was about pushing
| Microsoft in India so as to head off Linux
| and StarOffice use there in government and
| education. This email says Bill Gates
| thought they should just give away their
| software in India and wherever necessary to
| head off the threat, and that is part of
| what is being discussed, because some
| disagreed about giving it away for free.
| But EDGI was not restricted to India; it
| could be implemented wherever needed.
| I believe this exhibit may be a smoking
| gun. At a minimum, it calls for
| clarification, and if and when SCO v. IBM
| starts up again, I believe it could provide
| a basis for limited discovery on this very
| topic or if Michael Anderer is put on the
| stand, it opens up a fruitful thread.
| Regulatory bodies are also completely free
| to investigate whether it was indeed
| Microsoft using SCO as an anti-competitive
| weapon against Linux in violation of
| antitrust law.
| The email mentions Novell, SCO and Trishul,
| and I thought it might be referring to an
| inside name for the strategy, since that is
| the name of a Trident air defense missile
| ("The Trishul air-defense missile is
| intended to counter a low level attack with
| a very quick reaction time and has an all
| weather capability."), but it is also
| possible it's referring to a Microsoft
| employee who heads up the Runtime Analysis
| & Design research group, so I've written to
| him asking him which it might be or if he
| can clarify the email. Meanwhile, take a
| look. The reference to Novell is more
| puzzling, but it is certainly possible,
| given the evidence that SCO thought Novell
| would join them, that Microsoft back then
| thought so too.


SCO's Bankruptcy Hearing Monday Is Called Off

,----[ Quote ]
| SCO's bankruptcy hearing scheduled for Monday
| in Delaware has been cancelled. The next one
| will be on July 12 at 1:30, or so they say, so
| if you were planning to attend on Monday,
| please rearrange your plans.

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