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[News] [Rival] Microsoft "KIN" is Dead

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Microsoft Kills Kin

,----[ Quote ]
| Just six weeks after launch, Microsoft's 
| Kin, the social phone we wanted to love, 
| is dead. Microsoft is ending its short 
| life, sources close to Microsoft tell us.


Confirmed: Microsoft Kin is dead

,----[ Quote ]
| Disappointing sales have led Microsoft to 
| cancel its Kin mobile phone initiative a 
| little more than a month after the company 
| launched the devices, according to sources 
| close to the company.


Ding dong, the Microsoft Kin is dead


Windows 8 â A secret leak? ;) and what happens when Microsoft innovates? Failure? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Not one person involved in the Kin project 
| turned around and said âhang on folks, 
| isnât this Kin a bit of a pig?â apparently 
| not since it was thrown into the market 
| which was hungry for other products.
| It is also rumoured that Zune (the ipod 
| beater that never was) may go the same 
| route, which leads onto another important 
| point.



Microsoft Kin ad encourages you to send moob shots to girls

,----[ Quote ]
| Consumer Reports is calling out Microsoft
| (NSDQ: MSFT) for its Kin ads because itâs
| âcreepyâ that one ad apparently shows some
| hip dudester sending pictures of his chest
| to some equally hip lady.


Microsoft Kin upshirt ad called 'creepy'

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm sure there are few people left in the
| world who have not, at one time or another,
| sent a picture of their most favorable body
| parts to someone they loved. Or at least
| coveted. Or at least knew. I am, therefore,
| moved to photograph the frothing in my
| brain caused by the controversy surrounding
| a video for Microsoft's new Kin phones
| aimed at young social-networking hipsters.


Microsoft KIN Phones Strictly For Kids


Can Kin, Windows Phone 7 Series Rescue Redmond?


Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 won't arrive 'feature complete'


Oops! Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 beta expires


Microsoft sorry over quiet Office Mobile 2010 beta kill date

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has apologised to Windows Mobile
| 6.5 users this week after it killed a beta
| of Office Mobile 2010 some had been running
| on their devices.


Losing Ground In Mobile Market, Microsoft Aims Both High And Low


Hey, Apple, Microsoft, mobile multitasking is a necessity

,----[ Quote ]
| Context is key, particularly for
| Millennials accustomed to doing many things
| -- blogging, gaming, homework, listening to
| music, social networking and watching
| videos -- at once on PCs. Even more than
| the PC, the smartphone is highly
| contextual, with usage changing depending
| on circumstance and often demanding
| multiple functions or applications to be
| available nearly simultaneously.
| Gartenberg's turn-by-turn example is a good
| one, if, say, the user is walking to a
| destination, streaming from Pandora,
| searching Google for the nearest coffee
| shop, using location services to see if any
| friends are nearby, but suddenly stopping
| to snap a photo of a llama in the street
| and then uploading it to Facebook and
| Twitter. Multitasking mobile operating
| systems make easier these kinds of rapidly
| changing contextual scenarios.


Microsoft's Zune Misstep Marks the Gadget Road Not Taken

,----[ Quote ]
| The Zune's failure sent the company down a
| very different path than Apple's. Jobs & Co.
| were able to use the iPod's success to launch
| the iPhone, and now the iPad. Microsoft's
| mobile OS has struggled against the mobile
| operating system Apple uses, probably because
| Redmond never had a cell phone of its own to
| carry Windows Mobile as a follow-on product
| to the Zune.


Microsoft Kills Windows Phone 7's Series

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is not very confident about the
| coolness of the name of its newest operating
| system for mobile phones named Windows Phone
| 7 Series. The coolest name would have been
| WP7S! But Microsoft has decided to chop the
| word 'series' from the 'Windows Phone 7
| Series'. The phone will now be called Windows
| Phone 7.


Report: Microsoft Sued Over Zune Tagging


A Software Bug may Kill You

,----[ Quote ]
| In 1991, during the Gulf war, American
| Patriot missile was deployed to combat
| Iraqi scud missile. In one of the incident,
| Patriot missile missed the Scud and that
| resulted the death of 28 American soldiers
| and 100 others got injured. There was an
| arithmetic error during calculation which
| resulted inaccurate calculation since Boot.
| [...]
| Microsoftâs Zune player stopped working on
| December 31, 2008 because of a simple
| software bug. The software was written in
| such a way that it would never terminate if
| the year is leap year and the total number
| of days is 366.


Microsoft investigating disappearing music from Zune Pass

,----[ Quote ]
| According to a post on the Zune Forums, owners
| of the Zune Pass are having a bit of trouble
| accessing the music they're paying for with
| their subscription, as first reported by
| Engadget. In less than two weeks, the thread
| in question has passed 50 replies as users
| complain and list what they can no longer
| access: specific songs, entire albums, or even
| everything produced by an artist.

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