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[News] Web Video at Risk From Patents, Flash

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YouTube Keeps The Web Locked To Adobe Flash

,----[ Quote ]
| YouTube has endorsed Adobe Flash and 
| raised questions about the ability of 
| <video> tag to deliver the rich experience 
| YouTube offers via Adobe Flash. The 
| dependence on proprietary Flash means a 
| non-free, non-open Web, contrary to what 
| YouTube's parent company Google preaches.
| John Harding, Software Engineer, YouTube 
| wrote on his blog, "It's important to 
| understand what a site like YouTube needs 
| from the browser in order to provide a 
| good experience for viewers as well as 
| content creators. We need to do more than 
| just point the browser at a video file 
| like the image tag does - thereâs a lot 
| more to it than just retrieving and 
| displaying a video. The <video> tag 
| certainly addresses the basic requirements 
| and is making good progress on meeting 
| others, but the <video> tag does not 
| currently meet all the needs of a site 
| like YouTube."


Open Video on the Web: Where Are We Now?

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in January 2009, I wrote a post on 
| opening video on the web. At the time, the 
| Mozilla Foundation had just invested 
| $100,000 in the Wikimedia Foundation to 
| use Theora for videos on their sites.


Korea is starting to move away from bad formats (and from Microsoft).

Another High-Tech Barrier Falls in South Korea

,----[ Quote ]
| âThere exists a danger where important 
| government documents that should be kept 
| for many years might be affected by the 
| very existence of Hancom,â Shim Ji-yeon, 
| the director of National Assembly Research 
| Service said at a hearing in May.
| Yang Wang-sung, CTO of Hancom says the 
| company has made consistent efforts for 
| software openness âregardless of 
| governmentâs move.â The productâs 
| âoptimized functionsâ for domestic users 
| will continue to attract customers, he 
| said.
| âThe disclosure will allow the HWP to be 
| more widely used and further developed in 
| different environments, which in turn help 
| ultimately enhance its competitiveness,â 
| said Mr. Yang.
| Microsoft tried to buy Hancom in 1998 but 
| was turned away, partly by a popular 
| outcry.
| In another move to spur competition in 
| high-tech products here, government 
| officials last month ended restrictions on 
| Web encryption technology that had the 
| effect of confining online transactions in 
| South Korea to Microsoftâs Internet 
| Explorer browser.



MPEG LA's AVC/H.264 licensing terms: further analysis

,----[ Quote ]
| One might assume that MPEG LA's obvious
| desire to maximize its royalty income would
| practically guarantee that all significant
| companies infringing its patents would be
| pursued. But the worldwide market is huge
| and if you have a country that's only
| medium-sized, then MPEG LA may decide for
| efficiency reasons to collect royalties only
| from the market leader. That one would face
| a risk of litigation if refusing to pay, but
| if that licensee's competitors don't pay
| because MPEG LA doesn't go after them for
| the time being, then that's an awkward
| situation for the licensee.


Bergelt calls Canonical membership part of new OIN strategy

,----[ Quote ]
| The Founding Members direct policy,
| licensees can agree to put down their legal
| briefs, while Associate Members pay an
| unspecified fee and will exist somewhere in
| the middle.
| âIn mobile and in desktop weâre bringing in
| relationships where people provide a
| financial commitment, which weâre not
| announcing the amount, to support the
| evolution of OINâs activities into these
| new areas,â said Bergelt.
| In other words, expect a select few other
| companies to be invited. Perhaps as many as
| a half-dozen. They and the Founding Members
| will keep Bergeltâs 22-member staff
| employed.


Canonical Joins The Open Invention Network


MPEG LA Extends H.264 Royalty-Free Period


H.264 for Internet video to be royalty free till 2016

,----[ Quote ]
| The move will allow internet broadcasters,
| including YouTube and Vimeo, to continue
| providing H.264 encoded content.


No, you canât do that with H.264

,----[ Quote ]
| A lot of commercial software comes with
| H.264 encoders and decoders, and some
| computers arrive with this software
| preinstalled. This leads a lot of people to
| believe that they can legally view and
| create H.264 videos for whatever purpose
| they like. Unfortunately for them, it ainât
| so.


W3C proposes hardware interface

,----[ Quote ]
| The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) draft
| for a "System Information API" specifies
| JavaScript functions for accessing the
| battery, CPU, sensors and other hardware
| characteristics of a device. For this
| purpose, the window.navigator object's
| SystemInfo interface has to implement the
| get, set and watch methods. set can only be
| applied to some screen properties such as
| brightness and orientation, while all other
| hardware properties are marked as readonly.
| watch is used for monitoring readings, for
| example those of a heat sensor.


MPlayer Now Supports Most HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Codecs

,----[ Quote ]
| This news is coming a few days late
| (MPlayer's web-site lacks any RSS or
| syndication support), but the latest
| MPlayer code in their SVN trunk now
| supports most HD-DVD and Blu-ray codecs.
| Earlier this year we talked about possible
| Blu-ray support for FFmpeg and developers
| becoming more interested after we
| interviewed the FFmpeg developers and there
| ended up being an outpouring of support by
| our readers offering up Blu-ray drives and
| other forms of help.


FFmpeg Gains VDPAU MPEG-4 ASP Acceleration

,----[ Quote ]
| What we were in the process of writing
| about when we discovered MPlayer's support
| for most Blu-ray and HD-DVD codecs was that
| there is now support for MPEG-4 ASP
| decoding with VDPAU (NVIDIA's Video Decode
| and Presentation API for Unix) in the
| mainline FFmpeg tree.

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