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Re: New Campaign to Sue Patent Trolls

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____/ Kari Laine on Sunday 10 Jul 2011 17:41 : \____

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> On 07/10/2011 05:12 PM, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Your proposal, like many others, would improve the function of patent
>> offices, but these establishments are run by patent lawyers, for patent
>> lawyers. When the fox guards the hen house it's time to scrape/reboot the
>> whole farm.
> Very well put.
> There must be peoples movement to put pressure for legislation. Have
> anyone heard what is the status for software patents in EU area? Are
> they still going to try to get them pass?

Maybe, they try hard at the moment. I wrote about it this afternoon. Index (for context) in:

Good news by the way... yesterday discovered the site got promoted to PageRank 7 :-)

> Patents raise costs of stuff several ways
> 1. to get patent and defend it is not cheap + costs of lawyers

Good for lawyers. More jobs. 0_o

> 2. patents are hindrance for competition and therefore buyers of stuff
> suffers.

Yes, indeed.

> 3. patents are hindrance for innovation, cause new things can not be
> based on old ones.

Who needs innovation? It's all about the money! /rolls eyes, sarcasm

> 4. patents can be used to destroy FOSS movement now when it at last
> started to have a very positive effect on people's lives.

Not on Ballmer's life. :-)

> 5. It is a lie that companies and persons would not invent if there were
> not patents.

*LOL* yeah, I love that one. History shows that scientists are poor but happy nonetheless
(I'd put myself in that category). Inventions are an ego/fun thing, money comes second.

Edison was not an inventor (patent troll rather), Tesla was. Guess who wash rich and who
was poor...

> All this means deteriorating the information handling capabilities of a
> common man like me.
> As is typical there are lot of people who share hate for this patenting
> robbery extortion and they feel bad about it personally. But that does
> not help. There can be thousands of people who dislike it but if they
> don't get together and organize action it won't help.
> So I propose we collect money to buy few congressman ....

Sounds like being a "militant atheist" Homer spoke about.. :-)

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		~~ Best of wishes

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