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Re: Buh bye to yet another kiddie nym

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____/ Homer on Sunday 10 Jul 2011 21:11 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that a spineless, anonymous, nymshifting
> sockpuppet called Lance Plexico spake thusly:
>>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:2118725.Hz00ifERbk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> The patent issue has become the #1 issue for Linux and FOSS.
>> The #1 issue for linux and oss are radical zealots like you and Homer.
>> "We don't like patents so we *demand* that every company abandon their
>> IP."
> I've never made that statement, and I very much doubt if Roy has either.
> What I /do/ "demand" is that companies not be allowed to use frivolous
> and unsupported claims to extort money from other companies, to suppress
> competition.
> I believe most if not all claims of "IP" are fraudulent, and therefore
> there /is/ nothing for the fraudsters to "abandon" in the first place.
> That'd be like claiming a robber had to "abandon" his loot.
> Just look at /any/ creative work or so-called invention. Every single
> one of them is riddled with prior art. How can anyone claim any of that
> as their /exclusive/ "property"? "Intellectual Property" is a lie.
>> "We like copying movies so we *demand* the right to pirate movies and
>> shows over the web."
> I've never made that statement either. I don't need to break a law just
> to protest against it, and I would never refer to it as "piracy" if I
> did, since that (like theft) is entirely unrelated to the crime of
> copyright infringement (so says the law).
> OTOH, the mere act of copying is not, in and of itself, illegal. I can
> and do make backup copies of those notoriously fragile media called
> optical discs, since I refuse to be ripped-off with the wholly
> unjustified expectation of paying exactly the same "license fee" for
> exactly the same "content" every time I need to replace the fragile
> media it's sold on. Either I'm "licensed" or not.  If I am, then I
> should be allowed to retain the "content" I'm "licensed" for in any sort
> of "box" I want to.
> Unfortunately, according to the industry's own figures, only a minority
> of people are as scrupulous as I am about obeying laws they protest. A
> 40% minority, to be precise, if those figures are to be believed.
> Clearly the idea of Intellectual Monopoly is not very popular.
>> "We like free music so we *demand* that record companies quit
>> prosecuting music pirates."
> No, what I "demand" is that Intellectual Monopolist not hire goons to
> stalk ten year-old girls, pretending to be a relative, and trying to get
> her to incriminate her disabled mother for something it was subsequently
> /proved/ in court she wasn't guilty of.
> I also "demand" that record companies not prosecute radio DJs for simply
> /discarding/ unwanted CDs, or demand sentences for the "heinous crime"
> of copying a song that are comparable to murder or rape.
> These thugs need to get over themselves, reevaluate the /true/ value (or
> actually, worthlessness) of their "IP", and be content with the billions
> of dollars they already scam from their victims, without being obsessed
> about sucking every last drop of blood from the human race.
>> With zealot freetards like you and Homer it's no wonder that companies
>> run away from the "community" of assholes.
> With liars like you, it's no wonder the Intellectual Monopolists think
> they have a valid case.

Wow. More fake quotes attributed to me and a mate. What /else/ is new? There
are many trolls in COLA. Why are they so afraid of the *real* proceedings
of COLA? More reason to carry on then, we hit the right subject based
on these shameless reactions...

- -- 
		~~ Best of wishes

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