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Re: What's With the "Desktop" Obsession?

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____/ JeffM on Monday 18 Jul 2011 19:19 : \____

>>Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>|Linux distributions[...]
>>>They provide too many options and possibilities by default
> People who are not used to choices and
> who are unable to adapt to diversity will never "get" GNU/Linux.
> Ian Hilliard wrote:
>>It is clear that that all they have left is patent trolling.
>>I just hope for the sake of the US economy
>>that this patent lunacy soon ends.
> http://google.com/search?q=%22.Pirate.Party.of.the.United.States%22
> Note that with the repressive environment in the USA
> (domains 86'd via DNS upon accusation; entire server farms seized
> when ONE domain on ONE server is suspected;
> complete lack of due process i.e. guilty until proven innocent),
> the party's site is being moved to Iceland.

The MAFIAA has labelled this euphemistically, the "PROTECT IP" Act.

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