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Re: Snit's Usual Microsoft Anti-Linux Propaganda Line Gets Refuted In TechRights IRC

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____/ Mark S Bilk on Monday 25 Jul 2011 14:35 : \____

> July 23, 12:00PM PDT
> <Snit>	My basic view is that there are many strengths
> Linux has which make it great for many situations, even
> on the desktop it has strengths which are unique to it
> (at least in comparison with OS X and Windows).  But it
> also has a lot of weaknesses on the desktop ... and these
> need to be acknowledged and addressed if you want desktop
> Linux to be of great value to many people
> <MinceR>	here's the point: _every_ desktop OS has
> weaknesses
> <MinceR>	that fact by itself does not make all of
> them not "ready for the desktop"
> <Snit>	MinceR: sure... but the ones on desktop Linux are
> big enough where even though it is free people - in general -
> do not want it.
> [This is the lying Microsoft propaganda that "Snit" has
> been posting to COLA for years -- that Linux supposedly
> has user interface problems that make it difficult to use.
> He posts it over and over again.  Is it his assigned task
> from Microsoft, thereby to try to discourage visitors to
> COLA from trying Linux?
> Actually, of course, tens of millions of people have been
> using Linux for years, very successfully, including various
> computer-naive grandparents that people have mentioned.
> Also, Linux with KDE has been put on computers in libraries,
> and people come in and use it very easily.  Sometimes they
> think it's MS-Windows. -- MSB]
> <Snit>	And that is a pretty big problem if you want to
> see desktop Linux do well in the world.
> <MinceR>	most people don't even know about it
> <MinceR>	thanks to m$'s dirty OEM deals
> <MinceR>	of course, crApple sells their own PCs so
> they have a channel in which to push their own OS
> <Snit>	Sure: even if desktop Linux were to become "good
> enough" now, it would take time.  No doubt.
> <MinceR>	it has been "good enough" for over a decade
> <Snit>	MinceR: what is your evidence for this... and why
> do you have no counter to my list of significant weaknesses
> (in terms of features, focus, software, etc.)
> <MinceR>	as for your "list", you'll have to define
> the items properly
> <MinceR>	most likely all the features are there,
> you just don't know about them

On the show yesterday, Michael "Snit" said that he would actually
*TRY* PCLinuxOS and report back if the menus are not consistent.

On the show he also said that he had tried KDE. Later it turned out
that he lied because he said he had only judged it based on videos
and/or screenshots.

In order for people to knock Linux the least they need to do is *try*
it, otherwise it's disingenuous.

How many Microsoft employees have tried Linux? By giving fake testimonies
they help people get the impression that they 'tried' it and "it sucks"
and therefore others should not bother.

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