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Re: Snit's Usual Microsoft Anti-Linux Propaganda Line Gets Refuted In TechRights IRC

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____/ William Poaster on Monday 25 Jul 2011 16:51 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> ____/ Mark S Bilk on Monday 25 Jul 2011 14:35 : \____
>>> July 23, 12:00PM PDT
>>> <Snit>	My basic view is that there are many strengths
>>> Linux has which make it great for many situations, even
>>> on the desktop it has strengths which are unique to it
>>> (at least in comparison with OS X and Windows).  But it
>>> also has a lot of weaknesses on the desktop ... and these
>>> need to be acknowledged and addressed if you want desktop
>>> Linux to be of great value to many people
>>> <MinceR>	here's the point: _every_ desktop OS has
>>> weaknesses
>>> <MinceR>	that fact by itself does not make all of
>>> them not "ready for the desktop"
>>> <Snit>	MinceR: sure... but the ones on desktop Linux are
>>> big enough where even though it is free people - in general -
>>> do not want it.
>>> [This is the lying Microsoft propaganda that "Snit" has
>>> been posting to COLA for years -- that Linux supposedly
>>> has user interface problems that make it difficult to use.
>>> He posts it over and over again.  Is it his assigned task
>>> from Microsoft, thereby to try to discourage visitors to
>>> COLA from trying Linux?
>>> Actually, of course, tens of millions of people have been
>>> using Linux for years, very successfully, including various
>>> computer-naive grandparents that people have mentioned.
>>> Also, Linux with KDE has been put on computers in libraries,
>>> and people come in and use it very easily.  Sometimes they
>>> think it's MS-Windows. -- MSB]
>>> <Snit>	And that is a pretty big problem if you want to
>>> see desktop Linux do well in the world.
>>> <MinceR>	most people don't even know about it
>>> <MinceR>	thanks to m$'s dirty OEM deals
>>> <MinceR>	of course, crApple sells their own PCs so
>>> they have a channel in which to push their own OS
>>> <Snit>	Sure: even if desktop Linux were to become "good
>>> enough" now, it would take time.  No doubt.
>>> <MinceR>	it has been "good enough" for over a decade
>>> <Snit>	MinceR: what is your evidence for this... and why
>>> do you have no counter to my list of significant weaknesses
>>> (in terms of features, focus, software, etc.)
>>> <MinceR>	as for your "list", you'll have to define
>>> the items properly
>>> <MinceR>	most likely all the features are there,
>>> you just don't know about them
>> On the show yesterday, Michael "Snit" said that he would actually
>> *TRY* PCLinuxOS and report back if the menus are not consistent.
>> On the show he also said that he had tried KDE. Later it turned out
>> that he lied because he said he had only judged it based on videos
>> and/or screenshots.
> Michael Snit Glasser lied. Well there's a surprise.
>> In order for people to knock Linux the least they need to do is *try*
>> it, otherwise it's disingenuous.
> Of course.
>> How many Microsoft employees have tried Linux? By giving fake testimonies
>> they help people get the impression that they 'tried' it and "it sucks"
>> and therefore others should not bother.
> Astroturfers, or maybe the wintrolls in this group.

They fall into different categories. Some are breaking the law.

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