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Re: Dr. Roy Schestowitz Swats A Snit Horse Fly.

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____/ Goblin on Monday 15 Aug 2011 01:29 : \____

> On 15/08/11 01:22, Son Of Snit wrote:
>> I wouldn't count on that happening.
>> I think Dr. Schestowitz has had his fill of your bile.
>> Just like the rest of us have.
> Really? My bile? I'll bring that up next show.  I thought this was about
> Snit coming on?
> Who knows whats going through your mind, but I distinctly remember
> before I disapeared off on other business myself Roy and Michael all had
> a conversation in IRC whereby we all agreed to do another show meetup in
> September.  I believe Snit had commitments in August (if memory serves)...
> Tell me Mr "new handle" is this what is considered a discussion point in
> COLA now?  Now maybe, there has been something happened after that date,
> but last time we all spoke together we were all in agreement for
> September....
> Sorry for having a life outside computing which has taken me away for a
> week...

You've missed all the aggravation Michael has given me and also given other
people in the IRC channels. It was not even argumentative, it was 
more akin to trolling at times, even when he knew I was busy
doing something else (like handling downtime or SSL certificates).

> I hope this response fulfills your need for pointless threads.

- -- 
		~~ Best of wishes

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