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Re: Dr. Roy Schestowitz Swats A Snit Horse Fly.

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____/ Goblin on Monday 15 Aug 2011 10:16 : \____

> On 15/08/11 02:47, Son Of Snit wrote:
>> You're a complete idiot because I agree with Dr. Roy
>> Schestowitz and you and circus-de-holay Snit keep
>> ignoring what he said in irc.
> Im not ignoring anything.  I merely pointed out that before I left for 6
> days, Snit had asked to come on and Roy and I agreed.  Its in the logs.
>   Whatever has happened in my absence is anyones guess, but Roy and me
> both agreed at the time.
> You are the idiot for firstly a cheap new handle which is obviously a
> COLA poster who wants to hide their identity (probably because they have
> claimed to have killfiled snit and dont want to respond until their real
> handle)  secondly an idiot for not being aware of the original
> conversations between myself and Roy...
> But thirdly (and probably most importantly) the idiot for carrying on
> this silly discussion....Is this what you come to COLA for?
> Oh dear.
>> I think you may be an even bigger troll than snit is.
>> You certainly are a bigger idiot.
> lol...Wheres your advocacy? Get a life.  Would you like to go on the
> show with Roy instead of me next episode and show me how its done.
> Lol.  How about it Mr "Adovacay" you take my place...with your unique
> skills....
> My god, If Im the idiot what on earth does that make you.
> Sadly, with this type of "advocacy" this now seems the death throes of COLA.

I think you uncharacterise who advocates in COLA actually are. Some provocative new 
nyms are trying to cause a rift by pretending to be advocates. This has been done
for ages.

It is more or less clear, based on history, who is an advocates. The advocates --
myself included -- criticise Linux a lot, where it's deserved. It is not
an echo chamber. Some trolls' plea for 'balance' is a plea to allow trolling
and utter lie. It's like the "tolerance" argument some people invoke to cause

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		~~ Best of wishes

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