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Re: Old PCs Are Ripe for GNU/Linux

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____/ JeffM on Friday 02 Sep 2011 01:31 : \____

>>JeffM wrote:
>>>We're especially thankful for the Windoze Registry
>>>and the slower-and-slower-and-slower meme it breeds.
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>Had Windows had more competition,
>>Microsoft would have done something about it.
> If you recall, Windoze 3.x used ini files.
> I'm pretty sure that even after "innovating" the Registry,
> M$ would have to start over from zero to un-fuck Windoze.
> Think about how with each "new" version of Windoze
> the poor layering model was still carried forward.
> WRT technology, MICROS~1 screwed the pooch LONG ago.
> The existing Windoze user share numbers are not about tech;
> obviously, it's all about the corrupted supply chain.
>>Just shows why we need Linux...p
> That's working for portable thingies.
> With a monkeywrenched desktop marketplace, however,
> mindshare is difficult to gain there.  8-(

Indeed. HP has just quit this market. And it was MARKET LEADER!

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