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Re: Old PCs Are Ripe for GNU/Linux

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____/ Sneaky Weasel on Friday 02 Sep 2011 04:52 : \____

> Snit wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz stated in post 146134670.ZmV6gNhbJn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on
>> 9/1/11 6:01 PM:
>>>> WRT technology, MICROS~1 screwed the pooch LONG ago.
>>>> The existing Windoze user share numbers are not about tech;
>>>> obviously, it's all about the corrupted supply chain.
>>>>> Just shows why we need Linux...p
>>>> That's working for portable thingies.
>>>> With a monkeywrenched desktop marketplace, however,
>>>> mindshare is difficult to gain there.  8-(
>>> Indeed. HP has just quit this market. And it was MARKET LEADER!
>> Which shows I have been right to say measuring success by market share
>> alone, as is done so often in COLA, is just not a good way to see
>> what is "leading".
> Good to see you agree that Linux's 10% market share does not mean it is not
> better than Windows or your beloved Mac.

For kernel features, Linux is ahead. ~100 companies want it faster for their
servers and light for their embedded devices. They submit the necessary
changes that they made (up-streaming saves them future work).

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