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Re: Linux Spits Apple Out

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____/ Kari Laine on Sunday 11 Sep 2011 16:21 : \____

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> On 09/11/2011 05:40 PM, Homer wrote:
>> Verily I say unto thee that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>>>>> To use an extreme example, should we not say that planes brought
>>>>> down buildings in 9/11 cause it might upset some "truthers"?
>>>> Belief lies outside the realm of proof. Belief in a deity cannot be
>>>> disproved. The circumstances surrounding  a terrorist attack *can* be
>>>> disproved.
>>> Right. By my point was, the movement of sceptics that that area has
>>> become more like a faith and talking them out of it is therefore hard.
>> Are you challenging people's right to be sceptical?
>> I saw the 9/11 attack and the aftermath, as it was shown live on TV, and
>> if those buildings spontaneously collapsed in a perfect vertical descent
>> without the assistance of a controlled demolition, then my name is Harry
>> Potter.
> I surely hope it was a terrorist attack which was unaided by US
> government. If not that makes me almost freak out...
> Problem with fairy tail US gov gave is the building 7. Nothing hit it,
> there was little fire at the other end of the building, flames coming
> out maybe 5 windows - so it was very SMALL. Also remember building was
> quite wide. It was not like the towers. So any fire at either end could
> not do any damage to supporting structure in the middle of the building.

It was not 5 windows. Whoever claimed this was lying to you by omission. See
footage where entire floors are in fact on fire (heavy fire) for hours and hours.
It was videotapes (you need to see the right side of the building).

Direct collision was not necessary as it was the side facing WTC that got
all the damage. The "collision" is a red herring and claims of freefall
speed are /patently/ false.

> Then suddenly the whole building starts to grumble starting from the
> middle. For my understanding there is nothing that explains that than
> the controlled demolition. What an terrible thought...
> This is not 9/11 so I won't write more about it here. Other than I feel
> sorry for the victims.
> Time to take my walk with the dog :-)
>> Surely your faith in the American government is just as much a religion,
>> and frankly far less justified, given what we now know about the actions
>> of that government thanks to Wikileaks. Frankly it amazes me that anyone
>> would believe such a corrupt government's version of the events. I would
>> sooner believe Snit if he told me there was a leprechaun basketball team
>> in my garden, than anything the lying sack of shit US government claims.
> Democracy in US don't exist anymore...

"Anymore" insinuates that it existed. The US is more democratic than before.
It used to be a rich white men's private club where only white men
with property were permitted to vote.
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		~~ Best of wishes

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