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Re: Linux Spits Apple Out

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____/ Homer on Monday 12 Sep 2011 14:40 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that Chris Ahlstrom spake thusly:
>> Homer wrote this copyrighted missive and expects royalties:
>>> Verily I say unto thee that Chris Ahlstrom spake thusly:
>>>> It's not all black and white.
>>> Obviously I don't need to complain about the /good/ things, do I?
>> No, but they can be acknowledged and appreciated sometimes.
>>> "Black and white" is just a euphemism for "I don't have any counter
>>> arguments for your criticism". If you have a specific argument then
>>> let's see it.
>> Most things are multi-faceted, with good facets and shitty facets.
> But neither Microsoft nor Apple have many good facets, indeed they've
> caused a great imbalance in the market with their corruption. My
> criticism is my small attempt to help correct that imbalance, by
> spreading awareness of that corruption, and trying to convince people to
> care, then hopefully do something about it. Thus my comments are
> necessarily negative, since any positive comments I might conceivably be
> able to muster about Microsoft and Apple (however improbably) would not
> help my cause.
> You think it's just bitterness. It's not. I may be bitter about this and
> other unresolved issue that outrage me, but I also have a specific goal.
> I'm not just mindlessly venting steam. I carefully consider everything I
> write, and very rarely post without thinking, as you seem to think I do.
> If you picture me as some furious protester with bulging temples and
> steam venting from his ears, then think again. With very few exceptions
> (that I can literally count on the fingers of one hand) I am at all
> times very calm and collected. I'm not belligerent, I'm just an
> extremely determined and serious-minded individual. Microsoft and Apple
> are real problems, and they need to be "solved".
> I have plenty of positive things to say about other things, including
> GNU/Linux. My opinions are not all negative. But, with the exception of
> GNU/Linux, that's another life, outside COLA, and even WRT to GNU/Linux
> I still make criticisms where warranted.

I think the whole "black and white" was taken too far to imply 
apologism that does not truly exist.

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		~~ Best of wishes

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