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Re: Linux Spits Apple Out

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____/ Peter KÃhlmann on Monday 12 Sep 2011 19:35 : \____

> RonB wrote:
>> On Mon, 12 Sep 2011 18:17:52 +0100, Homer wrote:
>>> What's far less theoretical is the fact that 3 WTC buildings collapsed
>>> in a manner remarkably similar to a controlled demolition, without any
>>> scientifically plausible explanation whatsoever, but the official line
>>> is that no demolitions took place.
>> That's exactly where I am. Forget all the conspiracy theories, just tell
>> me how this supposedly happened, because none of the so-called official
>> "explanations" make sense. There's no way the buildings could have
>> collapsed on themselves the way they did because of a fire in the upper
>> stories.
> Sure is. The fire weakened the steel structure enough to let the upper
> stories collapse unto the lower ones. Once set in motion there was no
> halting.
> Steel has lost near half of its strenght at about 600 degrees, and about 80%
> of its strenght at 800 degrees.
> The fire was actually hotter than that
> It also explans why the north tower stood *longer* than the south tower,
> even though it was hit first.
> The south tower was hit several stories deeper, having much more weight
> above the structural damage
>> And there's not even the "superhot" jet fuel claptrap to explain
>> the collapse of Building 7. I call bullshit.
> Building 7 had a diesel fire burning for hours (it had a diesel generator in
> the basement).
> The NY fire fighters gave up trying to extinguish the fire, because it was
> too damn dangerous
> Nothing bullshit at all about it. Just don't be gullible enough to give
> those lunatic conspiracy theories even a split second of thought

Cue the theory that the diesel was /planted/ there overnight by secret ninjas.

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