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Microsoft is Abusing GNU/Linux

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Microsoft of old on Linux desktop, mobile and users

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| I wrote recently about how Microsoft is now among the broadest supporters of 
| enterprise Linux server, but when it comes to desktop PCs and laptops, mobile 
| and converged devices and end users, Microsoftâs Linux support is a time warp 
| back to 1998 when computers and their software were fused by proprietary 
| sodder.
| Though probably not intended as one of the new Windows 8 features to be 
| highlighted, recent reports indicate a boot requirement in Microsoftâs latest 
| Windows 8 OS prevents booting of Linux.
| As a Linux user who has installed several different distributions on several 
| different failed Windows machines, Iâm concerned for a few reasons. One, it 
| can be difficult to impossible to avoid the so-called âMicrosoft tax,â whereby 
| Windows machines are purchased with the intention of installing Linux. Two, 
| this is a serious limitation to the growing segment of users that like a dual-
| boot option with Linux. Three, what will happen to all of those PCs, laptops, 
| netbooks and other devices after the Microsoft software becomes buggy, broken 
| or outdated?

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