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Re: An Example of How Snit Michael Glasser uses socks

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____/ Steve Carroll on Sunday 25 Sep 2011 02:04 : \____

> On Sep 24, 3:41 pm, White Spirit <wspi...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 23/09/11 22:19, Snit wrote:
>> > White Spirit stated in post j5isqs$j1...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx on 9/23/11 2:14 PM:
>> >> Peter, I must challenge your accusation that Snit is using socks.  As
>> >> you will be aware, Snit is a valued member of COLA whose honesty,
>> >> integrity and insight serves as a guiding light in these troubled times.
>> >> While some are here only for the purposes of disruption, insinuation,
>> >> personal attacks and diversion, Snit can always be relied upon never to
>> >> have an ulterior motive and to strive only towards mutual understanding
>> >> and the common good.
>> > Pretty much true.
>> *pmsl*
>> Get help... before it gets you.
> A csma poster once wrote:
> " If there's ever been a better example of a sociopath than this Snit
> character I haven't seen one.
> Snit replied with:
> "Hmmmm, I do not remember pointing out any trolling by you... so what
> is your
> support for your claim.
> Please keep in mind that based on my anxiety disorder I have seen a
> number
> of professionals who have consistently agreed I handle the stresses of
> life
> better than average, am well adjusted, and am in no need of any
> psychological counseling."
> So you see... Snit has already sought help but found out he's OK  ;)

I am not surprised.

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