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Iuron.com Manifestation - Initial Reference (Draft)
Roy S. Schestowitz
Homepage: http://schestowitz.com   E-mail address: r [at] schestowitz.com

Version 1.0: a rough description intended to raise suggestions for further improvement, as well as identification of gaps and/or fallacies. Structure adheres to streams of consciousness at this early stage.


This draft outlines a rudimentary plan for creating a knowledge engine that feeds on the World Wide Web. We begin with a survey of existing, relatively successful technologies, which are listed along with their shortcomings. We proceed to a succinct critique and end with proposal of a method that is tightly-correlated to semantics and relational attributes in text. Such information rarely, if ever, gets extracted en masse despite its enormous potential and assimilation to innate human rationale throughout exploration and learning.

Roy Schestowitz 2005-10-12