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FXI People

  • Prof Mark Slevin

    Mark Slevin

    Mark is founder of the FXI management system and co-ordinator of associated events. He is Professor of Pathology at Manchester Metropolitan University and has published over 200 articles in disease and ageing. He is a former middle-distance athlete of Sale Harriers (National standard) and currently holds unofficial world records for concept indoor rowing at 100m, 300m, 500m and 1KM.
  • Liam Bagley

    Liam Bagley

    Liam is coordinating the day-to-day running of the FXI research project. He has extensive knowledge of human and exercise physiology from his studies of BSc Physiology and Pharmacology and also delivers demanding physical training and nutritional advice to soldiers.

  • Dr Jamie S McPhee

    Jamie S McPhee

    Jamie is responsible for the scientific design and outputs from the FXI study. He has a wealth of university teaching and research experience and has won prestigious awards for research into human and exercise physiology and nutrition.

  • Dr Roy Schestowitz

    Roy Schestowitz

    Roy helps run the FXI site, among other things. He holds a doctoral degree in medical biophysics. Since the age of 15 he has won many awards, e.g. for natural bodybuilding, Mr. Fitness completions, football, and rowing. He has appeared on television and film, front cover of magazines, and he continues to advise in the areas of fitness and nutrition, sometimes publishing research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

More scientists involved in the FXI project

  • Dr Marta Grau-Olivares

    Marta Grau-Olivares

    PhD, MSc, doctor in Psychology (Neurosciences) and Clinical Neuropsychology working with neurological and psychiatric patients with brain damage and cognitive impairment in the Department of Neurology of Capio-Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor (Barcelona), University of Barcelona.

  • Dr Donghui Liu

    Donghui Liu

    MD, PhD, currently a researcher/academic at MMU and responsible for clinical assessements within FXI.

  • Dr Nasser Al-Shanti

    Nasser Al-Shanti

    Nasser's position at MMU is Research Fellow. He is investigating the circulating stem cells (CD34+ cells) before and after the exercise.

  • Dr Michael Carroll

    Michael Carroll

    Dr Michael Carroll is a reproductive cell biologists whose interests include how the environment and life style effects sperm function. His role in the FXI study is to investigate the effect of high intensity exercise on sperm integrity and function.

  • Dr Abebaw Yohannes

    Abebaw Yohannes

    Dr Yohannes has a PhD in Geriatric Medicine from the University of Manchester. He has expertise in mood and anxiety disorders and cognition, cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular problems, physical activity and exercise in older people.