I transformed bits and pieces from a wonderful theme created by Ian Main. You can see the result in my Web log. In this page I wish to share this theme while recognising the praise Ian must get.


Please ensure that you have:

  • downloaded the most recent version of WordPress (any version beyond 1.2 ought to work).
  • successfully installed the package on your site.
  • decent understanding of HTML.


Follow the steps below, which assume you have FTP access (or the like) to your filestore.

Extended Menus

To set up the extended menu layout, download the following files as well:

Printer-friendly Version

You might wish to then add a printer-friendly page layout

  • Download index-printer.php~ from my site and rename it to index-printer.php.
  • Download print.css from my site and use it to overwrite the existing file named print.css.

narchives PHP

An additional PHP files (narchives.php) dynamically sets up archives which are sortable. The script was not created by myself; it was imported and very slightly changed. You can find examples of what it does on this domain and on Harvey Tobkes.

To install this file, go through the following simple instructions:

  • Download narchives.php~ from this site and rename it to narchives.php.
  • Place the file in the main Web log directory, e.g. /Weblog/ and create a link to it.

Note: a similar feature is implicitly included in WordPress 1.5 (and later), but the following variation of narchives.php displayed an excerpt for each entry. Excerpts are otherwise unused outside feeds, which is a wasteful.

PHP Code and WordPress Hacks

The very little I have written so far, for personal purposes:

Web Log Graphics


Contact me if you have any problems.


Full list of acknowledgements to reflect on influences and work I relied on.

This page was last modified on November 12th, 2004 Maintained by Roy Schestowitz